Friday, July 11, 2014

The Happy Pirate

Did you know that joy was contagious? It is - the proof was made clear with this morning's outing.

We were running low on staple items at the homestead, so I knew that I would have to be heading to the grocery store soon. This is usually not something that I look forward to. When I bring Abby it nearly always involves a bribe, so I almost went out late last night while she was in bed. Almost.

Since that didn't happen I knew that this morning was the time to go, and why not get it out of the way early? So, as I got ready upstairs, Abby got ready downstairs. I came down to find her decked out in her pirate costume, complete with sword and wild hair. "Mom, I'm a pirate!" she proudly exclaimed. I responded with, "Abby, you can't wear...." Abby knew what I was about to say, and started to protest. That's when I stopped. Why not? Why can't she wear her pirate outfit and carry her sword throughout the grocery store? Who would it hurt? So, I changed my tune and a happy pirate and I headed out to the store. Along the way Abby informed me that our car was her ship and that we needed to sing pirate songs. So we sang a few, "Yo, Ho, Ho's" as we drove.

By the time we'd arrived I'd given up the idea that bringing a pirate to the store was a bad idea, in fact, I was looking forward to seeing how people would react. I have to say that the whole time we were there Abby had a blast. She followed right behind me dancing jigs and singing a made-up song that went something like this, "I am a pirate! I am a pirate! Mom is mommy-Hook! I am a pirate! Ahoy, Matey!" She did try to capture a few little boys in the World Foods' aisle, but after a quick discussion about proper sword etiquette, she carried on without trying to lock anyone else up.

I tooled along filling up our cart, and watched the smiles she left in her wake. Some people would just softly smile to themselves when they saw her, others would comment on how they liked her outfit. One gentleman even stopped us to talk about about how much he missed his own children being young, and how his grandson loved pirates as well.

Abby was having a ball, and spreading joy so effortlessly - simply by being herself. This shopping trip could have gone in a completely different direction if I had insisted she not wear her costume and put on something "presentable" instead. I know exactly how that shopping trip would have gone because lately she and I have been having more battles over little things. It makes me sad to think that some of the reason for that is because I am not letting her express herself. Today was a good reminder that sometimes I need to step back and let Abby be Abby - because good things are bound to happen when I do.

Off to capture some pirate booty!

Luckily the aisles were pretty empty, giving her plenty of room to groove.

Juice boxes everywhere should fear the Dread Pirate Abby!

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