Saturday, September 1, 2012

Teacher's Pet

Today we are officially half way through Abby's year. It is Abby's half birthday, which means in six short months we will have an eight year old on our hands. Impossible!

I've talked before about how amazed (and pleased) I am to see how mature she is getting. Today was another example. Since Jason had a treatment at the hospital at 9 a.m. this morning, we all climbed into the car and headed out. His IV drip would last for a good two hours, so the plan was that Abby and I would head out to school so I could organize a few things in my classroom. She would be my special helper.

She looks so tiny in that big desk!
Now, in the past taking Abby to school and getting something done was nigh on impossible. Just when I would settle into something, she would lose interest in whatever I'd brought to keep her busy, and need a new distraction. Today was different though. I popped in a movie and was able to go through some mail and make several "To Do" lists. All the while she played teacher/student, danced to the songs playing on the screen, and even took some time to go on a Heffalump hunt (she was successful, by the way).

In the end I did have to cut our time out there short, but not because Abby wasn't behaving. Jason's treatment went faster than we'd originally thought, so I grabbed some textbooks, and Abby put her scissors back (for the next time she is in Mama's room) and we left to pick Dada up. On the way out I told her how proud I was of her, and that I was thankful that she had let me get some things done. She proceeded to show me just how independent she is becoming by getting into the car (and buckling her seatbelt) all by herself.

We will probably head out again before school starts, and it is nice to know that Abby will be a good helper for me. Now if only I could get her to help me grade papers.....

At one point she plopped down across from me
and started writing notes - "like Mama!"

While waiting for Dada, Abby did some seat dancing. She is pretty good!

Abby discovered the wonders of the front camera on Dada's phone this afternoon. Is anyone else amazed at how quickly those two front teeth have appeared? I'm not kidding - I think that may be one of her superpowers - growing teeth.

Tonight was movie night. This was the best
picture I could get, she didn't want to take
her eyes off the screen. 

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