Monday, March 11, 2013

A Midnight Visit

Over the past week Abby has done many funny things, and each time I found myself composing a blog post to go with it. Last night though, she did something that I knew I had to write about - because frankly, anything that can make me laugh after being woken up in the middle of the night is post-worthy.

Abby has never been a good sleeper. Part of the blame for that should be put squarely at my door, but I also believe that due to some of her sensory issues, it is sometimes incredibly hard for her to settle herself down without help. I am fully confident that these issues will eventually work themselves out, especially as she gets older and more independent. I'm already seeing a significant change in her pattern.

Usually when she wakes up and needs a drink I'll hear her call for me. I've never ignored that call, first because I wouldn't want her to get scared, but also because I don't want her to come and find me. Our stairs are pretty steep, and since our bedroom is on a different level of the house than hers, it has always made both Jason and me panicky just thinking about her coming down the stairs when she's half asleep. Lately though, that isn't an option she's giving us.

Several weeks ago I was surprised to wake up and find her standing at my bedside. Her only response to my surprised, "It's Abby!" was, "Hi, Mom." It is rare for me to not hear her calling - I haven't slept that soundly since we brought her home, but I wondered if I hadn't heard her and so she decided to come and find me. Since that night I've realized that isn't the case. She's started leaving her room to come and find me - without making a peep. Sometimes I catch her before she hits the stairs, but last night she made it all the way to our room again.

I awoke to a strange thumping. I wasn't too worried, since Bruiser was happily snoring on the floor of our room, but it was weird enough to bring me out of my sound sleep. I opened my eyes to see a little figure standing against the wall outside our door, peeking in. I realized that the "thumping" had been Abby coming carefully down the stairs. Abby had made another midnight escape.

As soon as she realized that I was on to her, she slid to the floor and tried to hide. It was when I walked over to her and asked, "What are you doing, Abby?" that I heard the fake snoring that went along with the hiding that she was doing. I had to laugh as I let her know I wasn't buying it for a second. With a hug and a kiss for Daddy, Abby and I trotted back up to her room for what she'd come looking for in the first place, a drink of water and some cuddles from Mom.

Yes, Abby continues to make me laugh - at all hours of the day and night.

Last week Abby was looking particularly cute when she came to school
with me for a bit. She tried to convince me she needed some coffee
too when we stopped to get Mom some.  Despite her cute smile, Mom
was the only one who got a cup of joe.

Abby opened her birthday present from Auntie Kir and Uncle Clint today.
We both LOVED the "Super Abby" costume that Auntie Kir made
especially for Abby.

Saturday Abby decided that winter was over, and that the driveway needed
some spiffing up. Rainbows and spiders were in order.

We also blew some bubbles - one of Abby's favorite activities!

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