Monday, March 4, 2013

Business as Usual

I'm a bit of a "what's next" kind of a girl. Sometimes I catch myself thinking big event to big event and not enjoying the in-between time. I realized tonight, as I was peeling potatoes, that right now I'm good with that "in-between" time. I could use a bit of getting back to normal.

Saturday was Abby's big birthday bash. It had worked so well last year to have it in the gym at my school, that we decided to go that route again this year....with just a few changes. First, we were a bit more reasonable when it came to food. Last year, by the end of the party, we were begging people to take whole pizzas home with them. This year we went with considerably less, and still had left overs - one and a half pizzas was much more manageable. No one asked us, "How many people were you expecting?" - that was a good sign we'd gotten it right.

Something else I did differently was to not plan. As a teacher there is a part of me that shudders when I think of being in a room full of children, and not having a list of activities planned for them to do. Last year I had a craft table, and came up with several party games to play - none of which the kids really wanted to do. They all ended up playing with the balls and equipment in the school's ball room. This year that's what I figured they would want to do again, and sure enough that's what happened. Not only did the kids enjoy this, but I saw a few of the adults playing a bit of basketball as well. It worked perfectly, and was a lot less work for me - lesson number two: learned.

In the end it was a very nice time. The kids had a great time playing, and the adults got to visit - even if they had to yell across the tables at each other, in order to be heard over the happy screams of the children. By the end there were no tears or boo-boos, so I'm declaring it a happy success.

I could even tell a difference in Abby. There were a few times when things got a bit hectic for her, but overall she was super. When it was all over, the only indications I got that she was pretty tired were the few times she would tear up at home for little reasons. I completely understood that though, because the minute I sat down, I got a bit teary at the thought of having to get back up again.

Sunday was truly a day of rest for us, and today....well, it's back to "business as usual", and you know what? I'm really good with that. After all of the excitement of the last few days, I could use a nice big dose of "usual".

We went a couple of hours early to set things up. For the most part
Abby was a great helper, but she did get impatient, especially once
she got hungry. I just so happened to catch her at that moment.

Jason hit a homer when he had the idea to get this wonderful "Brave" cake.
Abby was so excited, and it was delicious as well as impressive. Thanks
to Legacy Cakes in Spring Arbor, for making Abby's day extra special.

After lunch, after presents, and after cake, Abby was getting
a bit "miffed" at all the cameras in her face. Kitty Abby didn't
want to cooperate anymore....can you tell?

Nothing like building a few towers with some extra cups
before school, huh? Yep, we're all back to normal.

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