Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Future

In those first few weeks, after Abby's diagnosis of Down syndrome was confirmed, there were many things that I mourned. These sad thoughts mostly centered around the life I'd expected she would have. I have since realized that no parent's plan for their child is guaranteed, no matter what challenges they are (or aren't) presented with.

One of the misconceptions that I gave up pretty early was the thought that Abby would never live on her own, or find a young man to love. I saw quite clearly Abby's independent spirit coming through early on. Almost from the very beginning everything Abby did was on her terms and in her time. I had no doubt there would come a day when she would exert that independence and want to leave our nest. I know when that time comes the questions we will be asking will have more to do with our readiness to let her go, than her readiness to be on her own.

Along about the time I was wrapping my head around that, and wondering just what that might look like, I was presented with several different stories of young people with Down syndrome getting married. As I saw a few of those couples, it wasn't so hard to imagine my own little girl doing the same. After all, as she grew older, she also grew more and more lovable. I had no doubt many people would be drawn to her irresistible light - this included boys.

Whenever I would bring this up to Jason though, he was adamant - his little girl would never get married, she would live with us forever - and that was that! In short, his response was typical of any loving Daddy when came to his little girl.

All of this brings us to yesterday. I was cleaning out Abby's backpack, as I normally do after school and came across this note:

To say I was surprised is an understatement. This was probably the last piece of mail I expected to find. I couldn't help but laugh at the sweetness of it. Jason was a wee bit concerned (to say the least), but after a quick note to the teacher we were clued into the fact that this young gentleman is so excited about his writing, that he's been writing quite a few notes. 

As harmless as this is, it got me thinking about the future, and that Abby has so much in store for her - so much that I can't even imagine it all. Isn't that all a parent wants anyway, a bright future for their child, filled with possibilities? I learn day after day that this is exactly what Abby has - a future that is as bright and positive as she is.

The beautiful young lady who sat next to me as I wrote my post tonight. How in the world
did I become so very blessed?

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