Sunday, March 24, 2013


How long does it take to hem a pair of pants? long does it take? This isn't some crazy riddle, with a funny punch-line, I really would like to know, because the hour and a half it took me today, seemed a bit long. In order to tell this story though, I need to give you a couple of pieces of background information first. Let's start with the pants....

Abby is perfectly built, she just isn't built like the majority of the kids out there, it seems. The poor kid was blessed with legs that are a mite too short for the standard pants. We've gotten around this dilemma in the past by getting her capris - which fit her length perfectly. This time around, when Abby needed some new pants, we got some standard pants - figuring I now have a big, bad sewing machine that can handle a few hems. Today was as good a day as any to get that done, since I'd had all my sewing stuff out to work on Abby's Easter dress.

Now, the other piece of background has to do with Abby's love of make-up. If she is around when I'm getting ready I have to include her in my face-painting ritual. If I need powder, Abby needs powder. When my eyeshadow goes on, Abby is there waiting for hers....and if I pull out lipstick? Well Abby's in heaven then. Of course, I make sure to turn my brushes and applicators, so she doesn't actually get her face made up, but she doesn't realize that. She's happy as a clam because she's all dolled up.

This afternoon these two bits of "history" came together. I was finally able to convince her that I needed a bit of a sewing break from the coloring marathon she'd coerced me into. All was going well as I trimmed her new pants, but then I trotted up to our bedroom, in order to iron a nice crease for the hem. Abby followed, happily talking about "getting ready for work" as I measured and pressed her pants. All I had left was to make a simple line of stitches around the pant legs and I'd be done - mission complete.

As I went back downstairs to get that done, Abby decided to stay behind. I didn't worry about it, I could hear her happily chatting to herself - I mean really, how much trouble could she get into? It was round about the second pant leg, that that very question ran through my head, and I realized she gotten pretty quiet.

I called her down and as she came around the corner, I quickly glanced up from my machine. My foot immediately arrested on the foot pedal as I saw her face. Abby had given herself a black eye - literally. She still held my eyeliner in her hand as she continued to color in her eyelid.

The crying started when I swooped in and took the eyeliner away. The crying continued as I tried desperately to find my bottle of eye make-up remover. Finally I was able to calm her down and clean her up, all the while trying to get a good look at her eye, to make sure it was alright. Eventually, I did get back to those pants,......but then Princess Abby's fairy godmother wand broke.

Once again, I paused my hemming to fire up the glue gun.

In the end, those pants did get done, but a job that should have taken about twenty minutes, took about five times longer.

You know what, though? That's okay, because it did get done, and we were able to get back to coloring, ending the day on a happy note....and that is very good indeed.

Yesterday I finished up Abby's Easter dress, and took her outside to get
some pictures. After giving me a nice smile, she decided to ham it up - and
boy, did she ever!

This was the picture I took after the eyeliner episode - just to prove to
Daddy that his little peanut was a-okay.

Abby brought her compact in the car. She patted her cheeks the whole way to church
this morning.

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