Thursday, March 29, 2012

Abby Gets Her Groove Back

Disclaimer: It seems that the better Abby feels, the worse I do. Thankfully, the cold that had been brewing for a few days waited until all the excitement was over to come out and dance a spritely jig on my head and chest, so I guess I should be thankful that I wasn't feeling this miserable while sitting in the ER. Having said that, I will ask that you excuse any spelling, punctuation, or communication issues in tonight's post.

Today I could tell that Abby was feeling better, because today was when her sass came back. Not to say she was bad, she just seemed to recall a bit more of her spunk. Here are some examples:

  • Going for the soft touch:
    • Abby: "Mommy, Popsicle please!"
    • Mom: "No more popsicles."
    • Abby: "Dada, Popsicle please!"
  • What happened when she didn't get her way:
    • Abby: "Dada, bath please!"
    • Dada: "No bath, you can't get your finger wet."
    • Abby: "Dada, poopy pants."
    • Dada checks to see nothing is there.
    • Abby sticks tongue out at Dada
  • Bedtime
    • Mom: "Abby is it time for you to go to bed?"
    • Abby: "No thanks! I can't do bedtime right now."
These are just some of the conversations from today, and like I said, she had her very sweet moments as well. Like when the toys Jason ordered yesterday came and she yelled, "Thank you Dada! It's Christmas!", or after each bout of my hacking cough she would ask me, "Okay, Mama?" Yes, her sweetness hasn't gone anywhere. 

Despite the fact that there were a few times when I had to get to "two" with her, I was happy to see her "spit and vinegar" return, because it told me she was on the mend. She also began using her right hand a bit more today, instead of keeping it close to her chest - another good sign of healing. In a day or so we'll be able to pull back the bandage and see what's there. For now we get another day home tomorrow for some much needed rest.
Two of the newest members of the household,
Snow White and Winnie the Pooh - both very
welcomed, indeed!

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