Thursday, March 1, 2012

Abby's Big Adventure

Ever since Abby became too big to be rolled around in her stroller, taking her places has required a bit more extra planning on my part. That independent spirit and will of iron she inherited from both of her parents has served her well in many regards, and most of the time I applaud the fact that she knows what she wants and goes for it with everything she's got...but there are times when this can become a challenge. I often find myself running scenarios in my head before we arrive somewhere, plans that will make the experience go smoothly and be fun for my busy little girl.

Today was no different. When thinking about something special to do for her birthday I came up with the idea of taking her to Build-a-Bear Workshop and giving her an opportunity to make her own stuffed animal. I thought it would be something she'd enjoy, especially when it came to picking out the clothes. I knew that taking her into the mall would require all of my finely honed Abby distraction skills, so I enlisted reinforcements - The Grandparents.

Jason was stuck at home - actually at the doctor's getting a cast on his broken wrist (that's a totally different story), so it was important that I had a few more helping hands to aide in corralling Abby, or holding my purse if I needed to do a quick grab. Luckily, they were all game for an adventure!

We met at the mall and walked easily through the department store looking for the entrance to the mall. Abby sailed onto the escalator like an old pro, a great sign. We ended up in the housewares department and as luck would have it the entrance to the mall was right at the spot where the bedding was displayed. Now, if you know Abby at all you know that she has a bit of a "Goldilocks Complex" - she loves to try out any and all beds. Therefore, I was not surprised when we needed to take a few minutes to let her try out the display beds.

After a few moments of lounging and a bit of encouragement about picking out a stuffed animal, she popped off the bed and headed into the mall. We met up with Grandma and then, holding the hands of Nana and Grandma, she bounced toward our destination.

As I knew she would, Abby passed right on by the bears lined along the wall and headed straight toward the Kermit and Miss Piggy "shells". She had a bit of trouble deciding who to take home, but as soon as her eyes caught the sparkle of the hundreds of outfits that filled the store, Mom had no doubt who the better choice would be - Abby is most certainly a Miss Piggy kind of a gal.  Soon the Mighty Miss P was stuffed, fluffed and outfitted in style - now came the challenge. How were we going to get her out of this dreamland?

Finally, it was the promise of pizza and ice cream that got her going - along with the cool condo that we'd stuffed Miss Piggy into. Abby insisted on carrying her out all by herself, as proud as could be with her newest friend. Abby, being Abby, also needed to stop and show her friend to a stranger who was relaxing in the middle of the mall. I always love to watch this - this gift she has to leave smiles in her wake. She started off again with a, "Bye! Have fun!" thrown over her shoulder and continued back the way we'd come.

We had a short stop to show Miss Piggy the many beds that were just ripe for jumping, but with a quick redirection we were on our way again. It was when we hit the doors to the parking lot that Abby hit the breaks. That's when I decided to resort to the "grab-and-go". What a sight we must have made, me carrying Abby and Abby carrying Miss Piggy in a box nearly as big as she was. If that weren't funny enough the whole way to the car she repeated, "Hang on! Hold on tight, Miss Piggy!" over and over.

And so, with some pizza and some ice cream our birthday adventure came to an end - pretty successfully if I do say so myself.

Although we were both pretty tired (and yes, a mite crabby) by the time we got home, it was well worth it. So, thanks Nana, Papa, and Grandma for lending your hands, providing such tasty treats, and for helping to create a very special birthday adventure!


  1. Thanks for sharing this story and your fabulouas little girl.

  2. Eventhough I have yet to meet Miss Abby....I pegged her for a Miss Piggy gal :-) A bear just doesn't seem to cut it! I love her trying out beds and showing her Piggy to a stranger!