Friday, March 2, 2012

Pretend Play is Never a Problem

One of my absolute favorite things about Abby is that she has an imagination that is a mile wide and the ability to become any one of a cast of characters at a moment's notice. Frankly, watching her watch a movie is vastly more entertaining than watching the movie itself. Generally, she will begin by watching the movie with rapt attention the first time through. I call this her "record" mode. This is her taking in everything from the dialog and songs, to the characters' movements and voice inflection. Then the real fun begins. I have witnessed her crawl through a tunnel like Coreline searching for her "real" parents. I've seen her stuff balloons up her shirts so that she can have a belly like Shrek when she yells, "Arrrr! I'm an ogre!" One of my favorites is Abby/Winnie the Pooh being lead around by her rumbly tummy, and she does a pretty mean Miss Hannigan as well.

This year as we thought through birthday gifts we took stock of all the things that she had and cross-referenced that with all the things that she actually plays with and figured that what she really enjoys doing is becoming all sorts of characters. So, Jason popped on down to our local toy store and hit a few home runs!

This morning, before school Daddy gave her a beautiful tutu that, amazingly enough matched the one that she's picked out for Miss Piggy. It was quite a sight to see Miss Abby and Miss Piggy sitting next to each other eating a bowl of Cheerios and wearing matching frilly pink tutus. I tell you what - everyone should start their day with that image to get them through.

After school she opened the piece de la resistance: a superhero costume, complete with mask and cape! She was thrilled with the newest addition to her dress-up bin - and so was I. Having to come up with a superhero costume when all you have is foil, electrical tape and some cardboard is a bit tricky.

This afternoon was spent in pretend play heaven. We traded spots being the Mama Bear and the Papa Bear, sampling porridge that was "too hot", "too cold", and "just right". We took turns being Rapunzel and Mother as we sang about how, "Mother knows best" and danced around the room. Finally, she handed me a sword (that I'd made out of that tinfoil, cardboard, and electrical tape) and challenged me to a duel by holding up her drumstick and proclaiming, "Fear me!" Of course she was the victor!

I'm suspecting that she'll get a lot of use out of that costume which isn't surprising - she's always been a superhero in my eyes.

It's a bird. It's a plane. It's Super Abby!

A pink tutu always frees the dancer within.

Miss Piggy took the time to sing "Happy Birthday" to Abby. Here she is blowing out the candle.

The funniest thing about the whole costume was whenever Abby took off her mask she'd say, "Look, Mom it's Abby!" I'll have to talk to her about the dangers of revealing her secret identity!

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