Thursday, March 15, 2012

A Worthy Protector

Once upon a time there was a young couple who had a very special little girl. This young couple loved her with all of their hearts, and always wanted what was best for her. So, they read and studied about the ideal ways to help her grow into the wonderful, strong girl they knew she could be. Understanding that they did not always know what was best for her, they sought help from many experts, who gave them advice on how to play with her to make her strong and smart. So, the young couple listened to them, and continued to learn, all the while watching their beautiful little girl grow bigger and stronger.

Soon though, this young couple began thinking more and more about ways they could protect their little gift. They knew she was already getting the best care they were able to give, but they wanted some way to help shield her from those that might want to hurt her. They looked far and wide, and had many discussions about the qualities this "somebody" should have. They should be brave and loyal, they should be vigilant and on guard, and they needed to have the instinctive understanding that their little girl was special and in need of their particular care.

Before long the young couple heard of such a creature. For reasons beyond her control, Annie needed a new home, somewhere where she would be loved and cared for, but also where she could have a purpose, for Annie was an intelligent creature who liked to keep her mind and body sharp. The young couple brought Annie home and introduced her to their little angel. The two soon became fast friends, and the couple watched in delight as Annie did her duty with confidence and care. They had found their protector.

The little family grew older and had many adventures, and before they knew it several happy years had passed. It was then that the couple began to notice differences in Annie. She didn't seem as healthy and strong as she once had, and when the blood ran red from her nose they knew something was not right. The couple brought Annie to doctors near and far, hoping they would find some way to help their precious family member, but as the days progressed nothing changed. Annie was not getting better. It was with heavy hearts, and many tears, that the couple reached a difficult decision. They had to say good-bye.

The family never became comfortable with the quiet and emptiness that Annie left behind. They knew that they were missing an important piece in their lives, but the grief was too strong. They needed more time before looking for someone to fill that space.

A year passed before the couple began talking about how they might fill the gap Annie had left behind - for they still felt their precious little girl needed the protection that only a soul like Annie could provide. Once again they began searching far and wide. They found many that were willing to take the position. Some were old and some were young. Some were big and some were small. None though, was a good fit for the family.

It was when the couple had become discouraged and ready to give up that they heard of another, much like Annie, who for reasons beyond his control, needed a new family to love and care for him. After much discussion, the couple took their special little girl with them to meet Bruiser.

Feeling a bit intimidated by his size and powerful voice, the family was unsure at first, but after a few moments of play, and a look into his beautifully intelligent, honey-colored eyes it gave them hope that this could be the one they had been looking for. A few days later Bruiser came to live with the little family. They both got used to each other's differences and soon settled into a wonderful rhythm. The couple saw how patient Bruiser was with their not so little girl, and how joyously he greeted her each day. They smiled as their daughter cuddled with him and told him things like, "I love you, Bruiser," and, "Good boy, Bruiser. I'm so proud of you." Once again the family felt complete and right.

Every now and again the girl will talk about Annie, and all of them enjoy looking at pictures and remembering their time with her. The family will always miss Annie, but she would be so pleased that one worthy of watching her little girl has taken her post.

Annie and her little charge.

The girl always had Annie eating right out of her hands.


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