Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Land of Abber-Dee-Doo

Far away off, in the land of Abber-Dee-Doo
There were certain things only a mother could do,
Like helping change play clothes, or moving the mirror just so, 
Or packing a backpack, so off to school kids could go.
It was the mother who got the snacks, and took the clean plates away, 
and moved the heavy furniture, so that all the kids could play.
It was mom who changed the channel, and played requested shows,
and found missing shoes, hiding in places only a mother knows.
It was moms who did the hair washing when bath-time came,
and laid out the clothes to make sure the socks were the same.
Moms read the stories, and cuddled close at night,
and sang tender songs when they’d turn out the light.
Now dads had their jobs that were very important, too
Way far off in this land called “Abber-Dee-Doo”
See dads were protectors and were always on call,
To guard scary windows every winter through fall.
The dads also spent precious time each morn
getting kiddos ready before the bus honked its horn.
Dads did other things while the kids were away
like pick up toys and surprises with which they could play.
The best gift though that those dads could do
was something that every mom could tell you is true.
For the dads were the ones with the very special gift
to get the kids to comply, especially when miffed.
Each mom and dad had their own special jobs,
from cutting the apples to comforting the sobs.
But none of them would have it any other way,
and were thankful in this land, each and every day.

How could a mom or a dad be blue,
with a kid like this in Abber-Dee-Doo?

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