Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Much More Than Expected

Happy World Down Syndrome Day!

Unless you are connected to someone who has Down syndrome you probably weren't aware that today was World Down Syndrome Day, were you? Can you guess why today, of all days, was chosen? I won't leave you scratching your head for long. See the "technical" term for Down syndrome is "Trisomy 21" in reference to the fact that those with the most common type of Down syndrome have an extra 21st chromosome (3 instead of 2 - that's where the "tri" comes in). Therefore, March 21st (3-21) is a perfect day to celebrate (as one friend of mine so wonderfully puts it) those with designer genes!

Today had me thinking back to many of the misconceptions that have been associated with people who have that extra chromosome - some of them I held myself before we had Abby. I thought I would share with you some of them Abby has totally debunked.

  • After finding out that Abby had Down syndrome I was afraid that she wouldn't look like either Jason or me.
Abby at 4 months....

....and me at 4 months.

Okay, so that soon became a moot point.
  • This led to another thought: Would she share character traits with Jason or me?

Like my connection to music?

ummm....okay, well what about my love of pretend play and dressing up?

.....and stealing the spotlight?

It was becoming clear, even though we didn't get any confirmation as to which one of us gave Abby the extra chromosome, that the kid had a little extra of me in her. 

  • Once my fears about connecting to her were blown away, I began thinking about her future. 
Would she have friends and be accepted by her peers?

Yes, she does and yes she is. 
As one of her friends told her mom, "Mom, Abby is like family."

Would she be able to learn?

See for yourself:

These are just a few of my fears and misconceptions, but with her track record I have no doubt that she will surprise everyone (even me) with what she can do and what she'll accomplish. I have learned to expect great things from our little Abby. My prayer is that the next time you see someone who may seem a little different, or look a little unique, you'll remember that they are much more than you might ever expect.

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  1. Abby has helped me look at Hailey's future in a much brighter light....thank you for that...thank you, Abby!! Happy WDS Day!