Sunday, March 18, 2012

Great Day

Today was one of those lovely days when not much really happened. After Abby broke down in sad tears after Sunday school, and continued in her teary state the whole ride from church to home, I realized we all might need some rest and quiet. Unfortunately, Abby doesn't do "rest and quiet" so well - or at least how I  envision it. Still, she needed some time at home to just hang out, and that's what we did. So, instead of boring you with how very little we accomplished, I will just give you the award worthy moments of the day.

In the category of "Funniest Comments and Conversations" the nominees are:

  • Morning Request
    • Abby: Mom, stay home today. Don't wanna go to kindergarten.
    • Mom: You don't want to go to school?
    • Abby: No. Stay home.
    • Mom: Okay Abby, you don't have to go to school today. I'll let you stay home, but just this once.
  • Safe and Sound
    • Upon pulling into the church parking lot Abby had this to say: "Look Mom, church! We're here. We're safe!"
  • That's Two!
    • While watching Pocoyo and observing the fight between Ellie the pink elephant and Pocoyo Abby said, "No Ellie! Stop that! Ellie, that's two!"
  • The Shirt Off His Back
    • While talking with a neighbor who was out working in his yard shirtless Abby said, "Hi! Where's your shirt?"
In the category of "What Must the Neighbors Think?" the nominees are:

  • No Top
    • In the midst of a quick change, Abby followed me when I took Bruiser outside. I turned to find her wearing only a pair of pants and no shirt.
  • No Bottom
    • In an effort to get outside quickly to help Jason with the grilling Abby put on her shoes but forgot her pants. She was running around with a shirt and undies on - but that's it.
In the category of "Best Picture of the Day" the nominees are:

  • Bubble Gun 1:

  • Bubble Gun 2:

    • It should be noted that the "Bubble Gun" series were the only pictures taken today.
In the category of "Sweetest Abby Moment" the nominees are:

  • Giggles
    • Abby and I took a moment to cuddle and trade "smoochie bugs", while laughing and deciding who loved the other one more.
  • Play With Me
    • When Abby got done with her snack she came to me and said, "Play with me, Mom. Pleeeeeease!" So we played a card game, which lead to a charming tea party, complete with pretend pancakes.
  • Great Day
    • While laying down to go to sleep Abby let out a sleepy yawn and declared it had been a "Great day!"
So, there you have it. I will let you decide the winner of each category - they were all great moments in a "great day".

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