Sunday, September 2, 2012

Abby's Moves

Abby has a new favorite song, "I Like to Move It" - you know that song from the Madagascar movies? Last night, while I was doing the dishes (with my headphones in, mind you) I heard a mysterious thumping coming from above me. Jason had taken Abby upstairs for a bath and so I wondered if there was a problem. I pulled my earbuds out and listened closely. All I heard was some music, so I wasn't worried. It was later that I went up and found that Dada had put Abby's radio in the bathroom where she could listen to that funny song as she scrub-a-dub-dubbed. I could only presume that the thumping from earlier was Abby's way "interpreting" the heavy bass of the song.

This morning Jason had that song going again. We were sitting at the kitchen table and Abby was wondering around when she heard it start. I couldn't help but think of Prince Julian (that crazy lemur) as her hips started moving. Luckily, she was in her own world and didn't see us laughing as she put Jason's sunglasses on and really started jiving. Her hips were going, her legs were kicking, and her arms were waving away. All of this was done perfectly to the beat. Jason and I talked about it later in the day, about how amazed we are with some of her moves. We seriously have no idea where she gets them. Jason and I certainly don't dance around the house - really, we don't. People never believe us when we insist that she comes up with those moves all on her own.

She has always had a great sense of rhythm and musicality. There were times when she was younger when we would "test" her by changing songs mid dance, and she always switched tempos and styles smoothly. It really is quite impressive (and terribly entertaining) to watch. The kid is a natural.

She spent some time with Nana and Papa today so that I could get some work done, and since they were meeting us half-way for the "Abby Exchange" I made sure to burn a CD with that song on it. Since we listened to that the whole drive out, I can only assume that the music continued in Nana and Papa's car. With all that moving you would think she'd had enough by the time I picked her back up, but no - we listened to it over and over for the full 45 minute drive home.

Maybe tomorrow I will be able to record some of her moves - you all really need to see how Abby "moves it"!

Abby ALWAYS has to have a bath when she visits Nana &
Papa's house (in fact she does that at Grandma's house too, hmmm).
She has taken to wanting a towel on her head now, "like Mama" too.

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