Friday, September 14, 2012


Anyone that knows us, knows that we are definitely cold weather people. As the temperature drops, our moods go up. In fact, after a particularly high energy bill this summer one of my friends asked me if we keep our house at "morgue setting" - yep, that's about it. I would much, much rather be cold than hot, because as I often say, "You can always put more on, but you shouldn't always take more off." Now is the time that I really love - these cool, cool nights are wonderful.

Luckily Abby had always shared Jason's and my love of keeping cool. There were many days when she was younger that it was the middle of winter and she was romping around in just a diaper - seemingly impervious to the cold. Even now, if her room gets too warm and stuffy, she will be sure to wake up several times during the night, asking for something to drink. But when she was a baby there were times when we did "bundle" her up - especially when it came to bedtime.

Tonight as I struggled to find something to write about I sat down at my computer and started looking at Abby pictures (which number in the thousands). I came across some from when she was pretty little and I noticed in several pictures she was wearing those footed jammies that grace every kid's wardrobe.  It was as I was looking at those pictures that I could so clearly remember how cuddly she was in them. I don't often have those pangs of longing for when she was younger, it just seems that each age gets better and better, but tonight as I came across this one I did.

It was an early fall day (much like today) when we took Abby outside, wearing some of those cuddly footed jammies. I don't think we intended to have a mini-photo shoot, but that's what happened. This still remains one of my very favorite pictures of her.

I know that they still make these pajamas for bigger kids, but there is no way that she would be comfortable being so warm and cozy, so sadly, those days are behind us, but lucky for me she still can be pretty cuddly.

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