Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Tonight's post will be short and sweet - or maybe I should say short and funny. Even though last night I talked about how much Abby is talking, there were still a couple funny things that came out of her cute little mouth today that I though would be nice to share.

No, Mom!

After dinner I finally had enough energy to really put the kitchen to rights. As I was doing this Abby was enjoying a tub-o-popcorn and dancing to "The Backyardigans". At some point she decided that the straws in her drinks (yes, she had two - don't ask), would be put to better use as drumsticks. She drummed on everything, even Bruiser at one point. After one particularly enthusiastic percussion solo she asked me, what I thought. I, being a child of the 80's/90's told her that it was "rad", to which she said, "No, Mom!"

"Yes, Abby. Your drumming was totally rad!"

"No Mom," she said again, "It's not red...it's green!"

It was then that I realized that one of her straws was indeed green.

My bad.


Once I was done with the cleaning I needed to take a moment to rest. I laid down on the couch and settled in for a nice peek at Pinterest on my iPad. That's when Abby, unceremoniously climbed up on me and squeezed herself between me and the back of the couch. 

"Jokes, Mama! Tell jokes."

Alright, I have a few cute ones that we've done before, so I gave her my favorite. "What do you call cheese you don't own?" The real answer is "Nacho cheese!" I've probably heard that silly joke a thousand times and I still find it funny. Since this is one we've "practiced" in the past I was expecting her to come right out with it, instead she blurted out another punch-line.

"Put a boogie in it!" Which we all know goes with the riddle, "How do you make a tissue dance?" 

I did finally set her right and get her to remember that nacho cheese is what you don't own, and boogies are only for tissues, but by the time she got it right she was over "joke time" and ready to move on to what was next.

Since it was a bit chilly this morning Abby and Dada waited
for the bus in his car. Oh, I miss her during the days!

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