Sunday, September 16, 2012


It seems that around here it was a weekend for fighting. Oh, not with each other (although there was a bit of a loud discussion between Abby and her "parental figures" this evening), but with each of our own internal and external forces.

Jason started the weekend by battling a fever. After some blood work there seems to be no "concrete" reason for his periodic spikes in temperature, but it did leave him feeling pretty miserable. It seems that his veins were doing some protesting of their own as well. He continues to have to go to the hospital daily for IV antibiotics, and last week they took out his PICC line. So, he's had an IV line. The only problem is that the thing (for one reason or another) keeps needing to be replaced. He has been poked so many times that they are now having a hard time finding a spot that isn't mad at them. After blowing out a vein this morning, it took a bit longer than usual before they could start his treatment.

I was fighting my own desire to do nothing. This normally wouldn't be a problem, after all, aren't weekends supposed to be about "doing nothing", especially after a busy week? The only issue is that I am half way through the grad class I'm taking, and assignments are now coming due. I had an annotated bibliography and podcast due this weekend - and no desire to work on them. Along with getting over the lack of motivation, I had to struggle to against a sort of resentment that popped up that I had so much work to do on my "free" time. Luckily I have Abby, and so when I really started to get irritated, I'd just seek out my good-time girl.

I can only assume that Abby was fighting boredom. We had grand plans today to skip out to Nana and Papa's, but with Jason's fever, and my homework we put that on hold. We'd also thought about taking her out to see "Nemo" in 3-D over the weekend - that didn't happen either. This boredom lead to other battles - those of the "I-don't-want-to-listen" variety. We had time-outs, crying, and big battles of wills, followed by sweet moments and "I'm sorry's".

So, here's what I'm hoping, with all the fighting we've done this weekend, we should have a very smooth and enjoyable week - that's my plan anyway!

Today we had some "resting" time. Abby seemed to think it was "play" time.

Yesterday Abby got ahold of her pink monkey.

The poor guy is still recovering.

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