Friday, September 28, 2012


Ahhh, was a Friday to especially look forward to because Jason was coming home after three days away at a conference. Both Abby and I were really looking forward to seeing him, as I'm sure you can imagine. A bit after Abby got off the bus, Dada walked through the door and she was thrilled indeed. Too bad that about five minutes later she had her first meltdown.

See, this is the double-edged sword of Fridays. Although it is the beginning of a (hopefully) restful weekend, it is also the tail-end of a long week. Therefore we are all a bit tired, Abby included. She seemed to be on a bit of an emotional roller coaster tonight - up when Dada got home, down when she was forced to wash her hands before dinner, up when Dada took her on an ice cream date, down when Mom suggested a bath afterwards.

I suspect that a busy week was not the only thing working against her. I've noticed the last few days that her nose has been a bit drippy, a sure sign that a cold may be on its way. I'm guessing that she wasn't feeling all that great and that contributed to her mood swings.

By the time she'd had her bath and was ready for bed (thanks to Dada), she'd hit her limit. It took no time at all for her to begin another meltdown. Finally, the only thing that would stop her sad tears was to have both Mama and Dada near by. The three of us cuddled snugly in her bed, and with her lullabies playing in the background, Jason and I set about comforting her into a restful sleep.

It seemed to take no time at all for her to drift off, but as I stayed a bit longer with her I could feel her body still trying to settle into rest. She had a couple of those jerks you get when you're dreaming that you're falling, and her legs were a bit restless, but soon she was still and resting quietly.

I'm hoping that we all will have a restful weekend, because if tonight is anything to go by, we need it.

Today was Hat Day at school. Nuf said.

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