Saturday, September 22, 2012


For some reason, Abby was pretty tired tonight. I saw it around six, when she came to ask me something. Her poor little eyes were red rimmed and looking droopy. At first I thought she might be coming down with something, but as the night went on I realized she was just plain tired.

Soon enough she went upstairs to cuddle with Dada, and a few minutes later I followed. She apparently  had been quite snugly and so by the time I arrived she was even requesting bedtime, a rare occurrence indeed. Oh, I love these nights - the nights when she climbs into my arms and surrenders to her sleepiness without a peep. I carried her warm little body up the stairs and into her room.

As we settled in and pulled the covers up I told her that I had a pretty spectacular story to tell her tonight. That's when her requests started.

Abby: About Abigail, Mom.

Me: Okay, the story will be about Abigail.

Abby: And Dada, too.

Me: Alright, Princess Abigail and Dada.

Abby: And Mama

Me: Okay! Abigail, Dada, and Mama. Now...

Abby: Pizza! Pizza with pepperoni.

Me: Okay, Abby. They'll have pizza with pepperoni -

Abby: And sauce

Me. And sauce.

Abby: Cheese too!

Me: Alright Abby! I'll tell you a story about Abigail, Dada, Mama, pizza, pepperoni, sauce, and cheese!

Abby: Mooooommm. Stop laughing!

I couldn't help it. She was about to fall asleep at any moment and she still wanted to make sure that I got all of her requests in. She was just so cute, I had to start laughing - and Abby doesn't typically like it when you laugh at her, but then again, who does? Tonight though she did smile and let a little chuckle of her own escape. As I began the story of us and pizza she interrupted me one more time - to tell me she wanted "Goldilocks and the Three Bears". Apparently my story wasn't as spectacular as I'd thought it would be.

What a sweetie!

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