Monday, September 17, 2012

Chatty Abby

I've talked before about Abby's tendency toward chatter. I will tell you that if you've ever had a child who's speech was delayed, getting to the point when they are talking non-stop (and understandably at that) will send you over the edge with happiness. That's where I was today.

Due to a staff meeting after school I had to pick Abby up from her school and bring her to the child care at my school. This was the first time I've picked her up this school year and I was thrilled that she still did the familiar "joyful run down the hallway" when she saw me. It seemed from that moment on she was filled with questions.

Were are we going?

Can we get pizza?

Oh, Mama has a meeting?

I get to go to Mommy's school?

I get to play with my kids?

Yep, the whole way back to school she kept up a constant chatter. Telling me about how she had a steering-wheel "just like Mama", and that she was driving too. She also checked and double checked that she would get to go outside and play once she got to school because I had a meeting.

She was in a great mood and had me laughing as we drove. It got even better when they were lining up to go outside and she spied me in our meeting room before we got started. She ran in to say, "Hi!" and to tell me that she was going outside. With a hug and a "Love you, Mom!" she was off (nearly plowing into the wall in her excitement).

The chatter kept up as we packed up to go home. As soon as we got in the car she was asking for some pizza for dinner, and the softy that I am I agreed that pizza it was. With that "in the bag" she could concentrate on what was going on outside the car as we drove.

What's that?

Oh, a biker!

Look, Mom - another bike!

Who are they?

Who lives in that house?

Who lives in that other house?

What about that house?

And on it went. She even heard that Dada had picked up a few surprises for her and so she also spent some time guessing what it could be.

It's a dollie.

Oh wait, I know what it is....a bus and a bus driver!

We needed to swing by and get Jason on our way home, since he was having his car serviced, so once he was in the car she had a captive audience to chat with.

A it a dress.

Mmmm...not a dress?

How 'bout a black dress?

I know what it's a drum!

She had both of us enjoying her conversation and when she turned to Jason (who'd popped into the back so he could visit with her) and let out a spontaneous, "I love you", I swear I saw him in my rear view mirror literally melt.

Yes, Abby was (and still is) at her most charming this afternoon. I really couldn't have imaged a day like today years ago as we were relying mostly on signs and signals to communicate with her. Even though I had no doubt that she would be talking one day, I never could have imagined the simple pleasure that comes from hearing her thoughts and getting a peek into that curious and precocious mind of hers. Yep, even after a day with a room full of talkative kids, Abby's chatter was just what I needed.

One of her surprises was a jester's hat. She was excited that,
according to her, she now looked "just like Barney!" Yikes!

She also got some alphabet cards - one of which she is using
as a phone in this picture....hmmmm - I guess we gotta work
on that one.

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