Thursday, September 27, 2012

Pearls of Wisdom

I love when Abby shares things she's learned at school with me. She always does it off-handedly, never  when I ask her what she's learned that day. There's a part of me that likes that because when she does tell me something that I know came from her learning at school, it's like a little present to me. The other day it was a simple song about apples. She spied an apple on the counter and broke into a song and actions that she learned from Mrs. Currie. I couldn't catch all the words, but she knew them. She then told me that apples grew on trees, and proceeded to show me with her arms what an apple tree looks like.

Tonight, after dinner she asked for a "fun" snack. I wasn't quite sure what constituted a "fun" snack, but when I suggested popcorn she went for that. As we waited for it to pop she stood in front of me and began telling me that noses were for smelling. Then she pointed to her ears and said, "Ears, those are for hearing." I told her she was right. She was so serious - giving me information I may not have. So I asked what eyes were for. She told me, "For looking!"

"And mouths?"

"For tasting!" Abby said with a proud grin. We were both laughing outright at this point as the popcorn continued to pop happily.

Wanting to hear more I reached down and gave her tummy a big tickle as I asked, "And tummies? What are tummies for?"

She laughed that wonderful belly laugh I love so much and exclaimed, "For eating.....and burping!" That sent us both into another round of laughter.

At this point her "fun" snack was ready to go. She trotted off with her bowl of popcorn leaving me with a silly smile slapped on my face. Yep, I love it when she shares those little pearls of wisdom she picks up - they are usually enlightening, and always adorable.

This morning Abby decided to wow my class with her "checkers"
playing. According to them, she won every round. Have I
mentioned I have the sweetest students?

Abby decided that they needed some board
work today.

She fits right in, don't you think?

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