Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The First Day Interview

We have every indication that Abby's first day back to school went smoothly. She was smiling when she got on the bus, and so excited to see Miss Cathy, and she was smiling when she got off the bus. Since we only had her mood (which was great) to go by, I thought I would ask her a few questions about her first day back. Here's how it went:

Mom: How was your day today?

Abby: Good

Mom: What did you do?

Abby: I went to Abby's school!

Mom: What did you do at school?

Abby: I played outside, on the swings.

Mom: What else did you do at school?

Abby: We sat on the carpet, and played with helmets.

Mom: Wait...you played with helmets?

Abby: Yeah, we put them on.

Mom: Why did you put helmets on?

Abby: We played - "activities".

Mom: Mmmm, alright. Did you sit at your desk?

Abby: Yeah!

Mom: What did you do at your desk?

Abby: I colored pictures with Mrs. Currie and write your name. (She is still working on tenses)

Mom: What did you do with Mrs. Davis?

Abby: Read a "Twinkle Star" book.

Mom: Did you have fun?

Abby: Yes.

Mom: Do you want to go back tomorrow?

Abby: Yeah

Mom: What do you think you will do tomorrow?

Abby: Play. Play outside. Then go back home.

Mom: Do you like school?

Abby: Yeah! Yes, Mom!

Well, you can't ask for much more than that, now can you? I'd certainly say that the first day was a success.

How is it possible that she looks this old?

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