Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Fall Photo Shoot

Ah, Fall....I love fall. I love the days that begin with cool, crisp mornings, I love the leaves that start to change and fill the sky with bright splashes of color, and I love the smell, that earthy/spicy smell that seems to shout that Fall is here.

Fall is the one season that I don't mind being outside, and if you knew just what an "indoor cat" I was, you would know that is pretty significant.

Today, feeling that I have been a bit sparse in the picture department of late, I decided to snap some pictures of Abby as we waited for Jason to get home. As soon as I mentioned it to Abby she was game, and ran right to our big birch tree in the front yard - "The Picture Tree". It was pretty funny because she put one hand on the tree, crossed one foot over the other, tilted her head to the side, and stuck out her tongue. She was ready for the photo shoot. Unfortunately I was too slow for her and by the time I had my phone ready she'd moved on.

Tonight I'm just going to share the really great ones that I got.....and at the end I'll leave you with the "gag reel" - the ones that I got of her distracted. Abby isn't the easiest of subjects, but when you get a good one of her it's usually so incredibly sweet it will make your heart melt (or laugh your head off).

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  1. These are gorgeous! The black and white picture is my favorite. She's just beautiful.