Sunday, September 23, 2012


Ahhh, Sunday....the day that is set aside for getting things done that I've put off too long, like homework, lesson planning, and laundry. It's no wonder that by the time Sunday night rolls around I'm a mite cranky.

I will say though, that thanks to Abby I didn't really have time to get cranky about anything today. It was a busy day that began with a lovely time at church, where she did wonderfully sitting in the pew next to Auntie Kir, flipping contentedly through the hymnal. She even made it all the way to the sermon before getting antsy.

From there we popped over to the store for some socks. Abby has a way of losing socks like no one I've ever known. I have no idea where they all go. We were down to two pairs, and with it getting colder the sandals aren't cutting it anymore. Since she was such a good girl I also let her pick out a few things - including a snazzy new art set - complete with watercolor paints, which tells you how very good she was!

Throughout the day I did try to work on my homework, but I just didn't have it in me. When Abby would smile her great smile, and look at me with those beautiful brown eyes I couldn't resist. Today coloring and playing cards trumped homework, and you know what? It made for a much lovelier day.

By the time dinner was done Abby stared to wind down, and as she cuddled with Bruiser I was able to get some stuff done, but it wasn't long before she meandered over to me and gave her best fake yawn. She leaned in as I put my arm around her and asked if she was ready to go to bed. A soft, "yes" was all I needed. Hand-in-hand we walked up to her room, pausing briefly so she could kiss Bruiser on the head and wish him a good night. Minutes later she was asleep in my arms.

The fact that I spent the next three hours doing homework couldn't even bring me down after such a good day spent with such a special little lady - Abby is just that good!

On our way to church - she looks so pious, doesn't she?

These two were two peas in a pod today. Abby
loved it when Bruiser wanted to snuggle with her!

You can't really see it, but between Abby and Bruiser is the iPad.
Abby had been using Bruiser as an iPad prop while she watched
some TV. Bruiser loved it, of course!

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