Thursday, April 26, 2012

Abby's Motto

Today as I watched Abby dance to her "quiet music" after school I thought about the abundance of life and energy that is packed into that little body of hers. It was while I sat at the table, wiped out from a day at school (and yet another cold), the thought came to me: I could make a fortune if I could bottle all that energy! This sent my mind meandering down all kinds of funny paths, like what the commercials would be like, or how the pills could be like little Flintstone's vitamins, except they would be tiny images of Abby. I even started wondering: What could be Abby's motto? And you know what? I just couldn't come up with anything that fit. Everything seemed so trite and not big enough to describe her.

I started looking around at different mottos and as I read down the list of popular company slogans a story began to take shape. Words are powerful things, and what would happen if I took all those powerful words and used them to tell how amazing Abby really is, and how completely she has changed me?

So, that's what I did. Enjoy.

Abby is Like No Other (Sony)

When Abby arrived I realized that I would need to Rethink Possible (AT&T) and to Think Different (Apple). That God wasn’t telling me, “Have It Your Way” (Burger King), but that it would be His way, and with Him The Possibilities Are Infinite (Fujitsu). Although I didn’t always Experience Certainty (TCS), I learned to keep Moving Forward (Toyota). Soon I sat back and realized that Life is Good (LC), because Abby taught me that Impossible is Nothing (Adidas). I watched her grow. I marveled at her Creativity and Contribution (Casio), how she embodied Imagination at Work (GE), and how she began to Shift the Future (Nissan) for me. She gave me so much inspiration and so many Ideas for Life (Panasonic) - ideas that made me stop and Think (IBM) - ideas that helped me ask myself: Where Do You Want to Go Today? (Microsoft) It is from watching Abby that I’ve found the courage to Jump In (Xbox 360) when I’ve been afraid to try something new, and it is Abby’s voice I hear telling me, “Mama - Just do it!" (Nike) when I would hesitate. Abby makes me a better person. I can hear God whisper, “When I created Abby I was Thinking of You (Electrolux),” and I am deeply honored. It is my prayer that Abby continues Connecting People (Nokia) and to Inspire the Next (Hitachi) person to share joy and love as effortlessly as she does. As we Zoom, Zoom (Mazda) into the future I am no longer fearful. For God has a plan, and we have Abby, and you know what? I’m Lovin’ It (McDonald’s).

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  1. That was so stinkin cute!!!
    (sorry, I'm playing catch up on all the posts!)
    I love this one!!!