Friday, April 20, 2012

Date Night

This morning during my planning time, as I looked across my paper-filled desk, I began to think about all the things that needed to get done this weekend. I have a big project due for grad school, nursery duty on Sunday, errands to do tomorrow, and school work always looms. I thought about how the conversations around our house have become centered around what's going on at work and what we need to get done. That's when I thought: What we all really need is a break! So, I made an executive decision, and with a few simple messages it was all planned - a sleepover for Abby and a date night for Mom and Dad.

I think I looked like a giddy schoolgirl as I danced into the school office at lunch time to share my exciting news with my friend at work. The last time Jason and I went out was...well, it was, I think we went to...Oh, forget it - I can't remember! We were long overdue.

The "hand-off" went well. She was so excited
to head off with Papa!
I picked Abby up from school and told her the exciting news - she would be having Nana and Papa all to herself and she'd get to sleep over. She was very excited and was a perfect gem as we stopped home for a potty break and to pick up her clothes. We met Papa half way, and she couldn't wait to head off for her adventure. I think I told her to be good just as many times as I told her I loved her.

I love my kid, I love her dearly, but it was so nice to sit down and have a meal with Jason without interruption (and knowing that I wouldn't have to clean anything up afterward), and then go to a movie. I knew Abby would be having a blast, and that she would fall asleep....eventually. Still, I held onto my phone the whole time, just in case they needed us - happily there was no buzzing.

As we drove home I sent texts and checked emails to find some fun videos and adorable pictures. She was settling in with Nana for bed, and though she was "a bit cranky" she'd had loads of fun. I'm looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow morning - but I'm pretty sure that I will be up at (or near) the usual Saturday time - and missing her. She isn't gone away from me often, but when she is everything seems a bit emptier and dimmer.

So, I don't have too much to say about Abby today, or tales to tell of the funny things she did. I did make sure to take some cute pictures and tomorrow we have our first roller-skating party to go to, so you can guarantee I will have plenty for tomorrow's post. For now I'm going to enjoy the quiet and pray she is sleeping soundly.
This one was just too cute!

Abby was obviously showing off for Nana
and Papa - Letting them know what
a big girl she is by writing her letters!

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