Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Entertainer

Abby has officially hit the "show" stage (pun intended). She is constantly saying things like, "Mom - Dad watch!" or "Hey Mom, it's show time!" What follows is usually some reenactment of a favorite program or movie, a special dance she's just perfected, or just a series of fantastic jumps. Today seemed like a particularly "showy" day, so I thought I would share some of her star moments.
  • Several years ago a friend of Nana's gifted Abby with a wonderful Karaoke type toy - complete with microphone. It plugs into your TV and projects the star on the big screen. Abby has rediscovered this wonder and has appropriately dubbed it, "Abby TV". Today she belted out a pretty spot-on rendition of "Who Let the Dogs Out" while dancing in her princess dress.

  • During dinner she took a break to show us her fitness prowess. She proceeded to bounce her basketball (which was really a beach ball that wouldn't bounce so she ended up slapping at it and yelling, "Bounce!" every time she did), kick her soccer ball (which was that same beach ball that consequently is much better for kicking than dribbling), and show off her jumping jacks. Sadly, I didn't get a picture of any of that.
  • Earlier in the day she sat down at the piano to compose a song about one of her favorite foods. We decided to call it "Pizza!"
  • Later, she told us that one of her best friends, Rachel, had stopped by to dance with her. Abby generously provided invisible Rachel with a Minnie Mouse dress and a crown. She then told her to take her hands and "they" started to dance. (As a side note, Abby just finished off a popsicle and came to me to give me her empty stick. She brought me Rachel's popsicle as well. She takes such good care of her friends!)

  • Jason took Abby to do the grocery shopping this afternoon (thereby earning himself double points for shopping and kid supervision), and he mentioned she was showing off her moves to the fullest while they listened to 50's music in the car. I can just imagine. You wouldn't think that a kid who is strapped into a booster seat could interpret music so well, but Abby is pretty amazing like that.
These were just the things she did today. I could tell you about how yesterday she was decked out in her finery and requested "Oprah" to dance to - I finally realized, when she put her arms out and sang a long "Ahhhhhh", that she was asking for opera music. She danced for quite a while to some Andrea Bocelli. I could also tell you how she put on her guitar and got her microphone situated just right so she could sing, "Running With the Rainbow Unicorns" from The Mighty B. Yes, it is clear to me that we've  got a die-hard performer on our hands. It's a good thing she's perfected her bow.

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