Thursday, April 19, 2012

Reality TV

Several weeks ago my father-in-law suggested that Abby would be a great subject for a reality TV show. Just the thought of having a camera crew filming us all the time made my stomach churn. I have no illusions about those shows - most of them are as far from "reality" as can be. Creative editing can make anyone's life look like a train-wreck, although I'm sure some make it easier than others.

Having said all of that, there are some days when I wish you all could see and hear what I do when it comes to Abby - the kid is pretty funny. Today was one of those days. It began when I picked her up from school. I usually only do this on Fridays, but I was missing her today, so after school I zipped over to her school to get her. She did the typical run-down-the-hallway-while-yelling-for-Mama bit, which always lifts my spirits. I was able to talk with her teacher for a few minutes and then we were off - with Abby chattering like a magpie.

As we walked out the door of the school to our car Abby told me how happy she was that "work" was over. In an effort to sound like Mom and Dad, Abby has recently taken to referring to Kindergarten as "work". She'll usually ask something like, "Abby go to work too, Mama?" and when I let her know she will be going to school to work she'll generally let out a sigh (she's a quick learner).

Walking to the car, I asked if she had a good day and she said she did, then she asked about my work. I told her that I'd done my work today too, and her response? "Good job, Mama!", as she gave my arm a quick squeeze. From there it only got better. While making sure that we would be stopping at "the pizza place" on the way home, she waved and said, "Hi" to the kids that we passed on the sidewalk.

I don't think she stopped talking for the whole car trip. She talked about everything from how we would wash our hands when we got home, to pointing out that she was sure that the man jogging on the sidewalk was going home. She also continued to wave to the people that were walking around the park, and even got a wave back from some kids walking home. I really got laughing though when I started to sing (loudly) a silly song about us going home. Instead of joining me like I expected, she lifted her chin and let out a long howl - just like Bruiser does. Apparently she is learning that this is the appropriate way to respond to Mom's singing.

Abby, after a long day at "work".
We pulled into the driveway and as soon as I unbuckled her seatbelt she was climbing all over the car - from the front to the back. After leaving her to follow (with one door open), she refused to come out of the car, telling me she would in "five more minutes!"  I finally had to open the back and drag her out - still we were both laughing. Next was the task of getting her in the house - a challenge on any day, but a beautiful sunny day? I knew I had a battle ahead of me. Instead of engaging though, I left her laying in the grass and told her I was going in for some pizza. I smiled when I heard the, "Wait for me!" that she yelled as she got up and ran in the house.

Sadly, Jason had not been feeling well (we're thinking food poisoning - blah!) and so I went upstairs to check on him. Wanting to see Abby, he yelled for her to come up and see him. We heard her yell back, "I'm coming!" and started to laugh, but that was nothing because we totally lost it when she marched up the stairs, planted her hands on her hips and said, "Hey! What are you to up to?"

Yes, I think you would have enjoyed seeing our brassy little Miss today, but I'm not ready to sign up for a season of "Keeping Up With the Valentes" or "The Jackson Shore". So all you busy folks at E! and MTV, don't waste your time - we're just not interested.


I'll get you my pretty!

Bruiser was concerned for her,
even if Mom wasn't.

While building a castle with the couch
cushions Abby fell and bumped her head.
Mom gave her ice, Dad gave her M&M's.
She preferred Dad's medicine.

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