Sunday, April 29, 2012

When Abby's Away, Mom Will...Clean!

Yesterday, after the rough day we had, my lovely husband told me that today he would take Abby out to his parents' house for a visit and let me get some much needed rest. 

I love that man!

So, as they headed out this morning I shut the door and basked in the quiet of an empty house - then I opened my eyes. I walked from room to room and all I could think was, What on Earth happened around here, and where was I when it was happening? Frankly, the house was a disaster and I'd had enough. I knew that Jason would be alright with me spending my time resting and relaxing, and trying to beat this cold, but I just couldn't. So I got to work.

Now, cleaning with Abby around is sometimes a bit of a challenge. She hates the sound of the vacuum, and I admit, it is rather loud, so she usually shuts herself up in the sunroom, or a room upstairs until I'm done - that's if she isn't standing right next to me with her hands over her ears yelling at me to stop. I was actually a bit excited that I could take my time with that lovely machine today and really get the carpets and floors looking nice. I started with the easy rooms and when I would get overwhelmed I just reminded myself to take one thing at a time.

Before I knew it, it was time to tackle......The Sunroom (bum, bum, bum). I left this to last because I knew that if I'd started with it I wouldn't have gotten anything else done. This is where Abby has most of her toys and where she plays. When I walked in there this afternoon, armed with a garbage bag, I was taken aback at what I saw. There was barely room to step, the floor was so covered with Abby's stuff. Since my plan was to not only clean, but organize I guess I could be thankful that before she left Abby had dumped just about every toy she owned on the floor - wasn't that so helpful of her? I must have stood there for several minutes, talking to myself about how I was going to begin. Eventually I just plopped myself down and dove in. Finally, finally the room began to take shape and after a clearing out a bag of stuff to throw out, and a bag for donations I felt we would be okay to once again start living with the shades open. 

At this point I felt I'd really earned that nap so with the downstairs completed I went up to lay down and get some rest. 

Soon enough Abby and Jason were home, after a "great day" with Nana and Papa. There was a moment, while she was there, when the chair fell on her pinkie toe (which is actually black and blue), but she'd called after it happened and was able to get some loving from Mama, so by the time she got home it was forgotten. She got a lovely new outfit from Nana and Papa - and she immediately left the car to go play in front of the mirror so she could see the cute pink skirt when she twirled. They even brought home pizza for dinner. Yep, it was an all round great day! 

And now, after all that dancing with Nana (that lovely woman), Abby is sleeping soundly and resting up for tomorrow's adventures, which may prove to be interesting since as she was falling asleep tonight she softly whispered to me, "Mama, watch Mighty B!" and as I told her we could to that tomorrow she added one more request: "and bacon!" So I told her tomorrow would be filled with Mighty B and bacon - what a crazy kid!

Abby sporting her new clothes and her awesome
shades! She is WAY too cool!

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