Monday, April 2, 2012

Writer's Block

It was bound to happen, I'm just surprised I got through a whole month without reaching this point...I've got nothin'. It was around 5 p.m., as I was running to the store for some more fabric, that I realized I wasn't sure what I would be writing about today.

Today was one of those rare days when we all just did our own thing. Jason had to run into work, I got my new sewing machine so I was playing with that, and Abby...well, Abby was just playing as normal - a bit of dress-up here, and a show (or two) there. Nothing you haven't heard about before.

I guess there was the few hairy moments when I wanted to change her band-aid, and she was screaming bloody-murder when the delivery guy came (he just left the packages on the doorstep, and since I didn't get any calls from CPS I'm guessing we are good.) I never did get the gauze from the surgery all the way off, it seems that it's still a bit "adhered" to the nail. So, we'll leave that battle for another day.

I thought maybe I could write about Abby's chattiness today - how she continued to ask me over and over questions like, "Who is that?", "Whatcha doing, Mama?", or "Where did [insert the name of everyone we know here] go?" Or about how she was sitting at the table, sharing some tortilla chips with Jason, when out of the blue she told him, "I really like these pippies, they're so crunchy!" But, her questions and observations weren't enough for a whole blog post.

I suppose I could write about how into "shows" she is now. Like this afternoon when she pulled out the lid to her dress-up bin, put it on the floor, and while wearing her Fiona dress and some of my old heels she announced to Jason and me that it was show-time and that she was on stage. She proceeded to use a straw for a microphone while presumably telling jokes. We weren't quite sure what she was talking about, but we laughed and clapped as was expected of us. She also wanted to delay bedtime with a show. Mom and Dad weren't as congenial about that show.

And...that's it. See, I've got nothing, just a lazy day, where nothing happened - but there's hope for tomorrow. We're off to see Grandma, I'm sure I'll have some fun stories to report about our time with her.

Here's Abby wearing one of the skirts I made her today.
She picked out the shirt.

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  1. You mean you didn't match that top and bottom yourself?
    I am glad you are also one of "those moms" who has the crazy dressed child. I have given up with my youngest two. My 2yr old only wants to be dressed in football jerseys (Steelers of course) with his sisters batgirl dress with cape over the top that we have reassigned as a batman costume. Top that all off with fireman rainboots and 1 or 2 stretchy head bands of his sister's worn in sweatband style. We do get a lot of comments when we are out:) I have come to enjoy it! My sister-in-law Megan gives me a hard time though.....