Thursday, April 12, 2012

Just Right

You ever have one of those days when everything just goes right? Today was one of those days. Abby was an absolute gem - despite the fact that she got me up at quarter to five this morning.

You'd look that tired too if you'd gotten up at 4:45 a.m.
I had no idea the day would go so well when she insisted it was time to wake up at 4:45 in the morning - in fact the hour gave me every indication that it would be just the opposite. I was exhausted but able to convince her to crawl into our bed and play on the iPad while I dozed until six. I have never been so thankful for Steve Jobs than I was this morning. She was great while I got ready, and then we came down to have breakfast together. Although she requested noodles and nuggets for breakfast, she was okay with my suggestion of Cheerios (with a pretzel rod chaser).

From there she was super excited to get dressed in her bright sweater, fun skirt, and her sparkly red shoes. She loved it so much she just had to dance, so as we waited for the bus Abby did a bit of some tap and ballet (heavy on the twirls) in front of her mirror. The dancing made us a little later than usual so we had to run out to the bus and she happily climbed up the steps.

After school she was just as happy to come home. She'd worked up quite an appetite because she asked for seconds on dinner - and ate it all. Then came her sweet request for dessert. Although she wanted "white ice cream" she accepted the chocolate ice cream I gave her (the only kind we had), with the addition of a little chocolate syrup. Unfortunately, the ice cream was a little hard, so as she was sitting at the table I  heard her exclaim, "Oh come on! This isn't working!" as she struggled to break it up into bite size pieces. Today she didn't even seem to mind Mom laughing at her.

I thought a "Pen Pal" badge would be
Once dessert was finished we set about writing Abby's pen pal, Lilia. I printed off some badges that she could color, while she drew a picture for her new friend. When I asked her what she drew she gave me a funny look and told me, "A purple pumpkin." I immediately apologized for being obtuse.

She gave me a little trouble when it was time to go upstairs, but counting our steps made going to bed fun tonight. After a sweet bedtime talk with Dada (and quite a few sips of water) she cuddled in. She wanted tonight's story to be about The Mighty B, and she even requested a song about the show. I have to confess that she listened to the truly terrible song that I made up as I went along, and I didn't blame her one bit when she finally asked me to stop singing. Pretty soon her feet stilled and her breathing evened out - and so did mine. I think I woke up about twenty minutes later - she was just too warm and cuddly, my tired eyes didn't stand a chance.

Yep, today was one of those days when everything just went right, and though I'm pretty tired, it's a good kind of tired - a happy kind of tired, and it's very nice indeed.

These two goofballs greeted each other like
it had been days instead of hours since they'd
seen each other.

Here's the package that will go out tomorrow
to Lilia. How could I not see that was a
purple pumpkin?

This might me my favorite badge!

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