Friday, April 6, 2012

Pen Pals

A few nights ago I got a wonderful email from a college friend of mine. She wanted to inform me that her five year old daughter recently told her that she and Abby were great friends. My friend had been sharing stories and pictures of Abby with her daughter, and this wonderfully precocious little darling immediately decided that they were destined to be great friends. You see, they both have a great love of princesses and girlie things like playing dress up, dolls, and tea parties (I was told that Abby's pink glasses were a favorite), and even the TV show Mighty B. Because of their friendship, my friend's daughter put a request to her mom to organize a play date with Abby the next time they were in Michigan. My friend wanted to let me know that Abby had a new friend.

To say the least I was blown away by this note, but what got me the most was the unconditional acceptance of this amazing little girl that we've never had the pleasure of meeting. I share a lot about Abby, not only because she is so fun, but in the hopes that she might help change the minds of some that might focus on the differences of others, instead of the similarities. What a lesson little Lilia has to teach us. She did exactly as I had always hoped. She saw how Abby was just like her, and because of that they were supposed to be friends. How beautifully simple.

Abby's badges
My friend and I sent messages back and forth and came up with a plan to Skype, so the girls could meet up. She had the great idea that the girls could become pen pals, after all Lilia wanted to start making Honeybee badges (just like Bessie Higginbottom from Mighty B), for them. What a great idea! I told Abby about her new friend and that we would get to see her and talk with her on the computer. She couldn't wait! There were a few technical problems so we had to cut things short, but the plan is to try again tomorrow. I also told Abby that I would go to the fabric store tomorrow and make them both sashes  - for the badges you know. This got Abby so excited (so excited that she immediately stripped down to her underwear and expected me to produce the "Bessie outfit"). We were finally able to distract her by suggesting that she make some badges of her own. She was all for that and filled several pages with circle badges, ready to share with her new friend tomorrow.

Very rarely am I rendered speechless, but here I sit trying to figure out how to sum up this amazing story. Maybe I should just let the girls' friendship speak for itself. I certainly hope that you will be hearing more of their adventures, because I have the feeling that these two have many in front of them.

We pulled out the camera today and Abby
spent quite a bit of time singing. She does a great
Belle from Beauty and the Beast.


  1. We are heading to the post office tomorrow to mail Abby her badges! Some are true Honey B badges and a few are things that Lilia just loves to do! Hope Abby has as much fun "earning" hers as Lilia did.
    PS. Lilia earned her castle building badge by making a tower with her birthday cards (from March 9th) as tall as she could! The best is the music cards that sing to her while she is busy building!

    1. That is awesome! We will look forward to getting the badges. Today I made the girls' sashes. I will send out Lilia's this week - hopefully it will fit her okay. I love that she's earned badges already. Way to go Lilia!

      Maybe we can talk this weekend. Sorry we missed Saturday - things got crazy around here. Abby had a great time talking too.

  2. PPS. Forgot to mention how much Lilia LOVED Abby and wants to know if she likes My Little Ponies?

    1. So funny! We watched a bit of My Little Ponies today. Pretty much if it is girlie - Abby likes it. It sounds like Lilia is the same! ;-)