Wednesday, April 4, 2012

If We Take a Trip to Nana and Papa's

One of my favorite little kid books is If You Give a Mouse a Cookie by Laura Numeroff. If you have been within five feet of a little kid in the last few years, I'm sure you've heard of it. On our way home from Nana and Papa's house this evening I was trying to come up with a creative way to sum up our visits to their house, and this book popped into my mind. Wouldn't it be fun to write my own version? So, here is a typical trip to Nana and Papa's house - a la Numeroff.

If we take a trip to Nana and Papa's, Abby's going to want to play with the big mirror in the living room.
Once she takes a look at herself in the mirror, she'll realized that she needs a fancy dress. So, she will ask Nana to take her upstairs. When they get upstairs she'll see the bathroom, and that will remind her how much she likes to swim in Nana's tub, so she'll take a bath.

When she's done with the bath she'll need to brush her teeth, so Nana will get her a toothbrush and some toothpaste from her room. When they go to Nana and Papa's room Abby will see the great big bed, and that will remind her how tired she is, so she'll climb in to take a rest. When she lays down on the pillow she'll see the TV across the room. This will remind her of watching TV with Papa, so she'll need to go downstairs and see what he's up to.

When she goes downstairs she'll find Papa in the kitchen doing the dinner dishes. This will remind her of the yummy dinner she had and that she didn't have any dessert yet. So, she'll ask Papa for her favorite dessert - ice cream! Once she gets the ice cream she'll say, "Thank you," and this will remind her how thankful she is for Nana and Papa, so she'll have to share her ice cream with them. When she shares her ice cream, Nana and Papa will give her "smoochie-bugs" because they love her, and that will remind her of the smoochie-bug Dada gave her this morning. Abby will want to see Dada, so she and Mama will head home.

Once they get home Abby will want to put on the fancy dress she left on the chair that morning. As soon as she has the dress on, she'll need to look at herself in the mirror. Looking in the mirror will remind her of the fun she had in front of the big mirror at Nana and Papa's house, and sure enough she'll want to take a trip out to see Nana and Papa.

In Abby's words, "It was a great day!"
Abby on the way out - please excuse the naked Barbie.


Abby got in the car and told me she was going to "work".

On the way home she told me it was too sunny,
so I gave her the visor - she put it on upside down.

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