Monday, April 30, 2012

Here We Go Again

You know, I've tried really hard to make my posts interesting lately. I admit that not all of them have been spectacular, but some days there's not much that happens. Apparently God thought I needed some material for my posts, because round about three this morning there was a lot going on around here.

Things started a bit earlier than that when Abby woke up several times complaining about her toe. If you read last night's post you saw that while visiting with Nana, a chair fell on her pinkie toe and she needed to call and tell me about it. Well, I didn't realize how badly that toe was hurt until I saw it for myself. It certainly looked painful and the fact that she was waking up in the middle of the night with pain made me suspect she'd actually broken that little guy. That soon took a back seat when she sat up and started to cough and gag like she does when she gets sick. While I was trying to calm her and contain whatever was going to come up I was distracted and not prepared for what happened next. Let's just say I was worrying about the wrong end.

We made it to the bathroom for the second round of sickness, but the damage had already been done. The bed was a mess, her clothes were a mess, and she was a mess. Poor Abby was horribly sick. At this point Abby was completely wasted. Her skin was pale and the dark circles framing her eyes made them look huge. She barely had the energy to sit up, so walking was out of the question. I carried her floppy body back to bed and settled her in. This was the point at which Jason left to go to the store and stock up on "sick-kid" supplies. It would take a shower and two more bedding changes before we were finally back in bed, ready to get some sleep. About a half an hour later my alarm went off.

Luckily, I was able to contact my principal and he assured me that all would be taken care of at school. I'd stayed with Abby, in case there were any more issues and so we were able to get a bit more sleep. I vaguely remember Jason coming in to say he was leaving for work and then Bruiser followed - due to the thunderstorm he was afraid of. I figured that we needed to head downstairs anyway because the bus would be by soon and I needed to let them know Abby wouldn't be on it.

I carried the still groggy and lethargic Abby downstairs and deposited her on the couch - since she didn't want to be too far from Mom. It wasn't until about 10 a.m. that Abby finally got enough energy to pull herself off that spot on the couch. The fact that she had been so contained for so long let me know that she was really sick.

Soon she ventured over to my lap and we cuddled, that's when I got another look at her toe - remember that? Yeah, I did too - at that point. Believe it or not, it actually looked worse. It wasn't at an odd angle, but now the whole nail was purple and the toe was swollen and an angry red. Yep, I was pretty convinced that she'd broken it. I put a call in to the doctor. The way things were going I was afraid that they were going to have us get some sort of x-rays, but the word was, "if it's straight and can bear weight" we're to do noting. Whew! Tylenol it is then.

So, here we sit, recovering from yet another round of sickness/injury. As Abby begins to feel better and move around more, I will spending the afternoon looking into bubble wrap, because if these first two months are any indication as to how Abby's eighth year is going, we're going to need it - she doesn't have many digits left!

Despite feeling horrible she still smiled and said, "Cheese!"
when I took a picture of her this morning.

On a positive note, her finger is healing nicely.
As bad as this looks it is a vast improvement over
what it was!

We figured some tea would be a good way to settle
her stomach.

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  1. Poor Abby...poor mom! Hope she is better soon! I tagged you in my 11 Random things post today...thanks!