Sunday, April 22, 2012

Why Abby Loves Church

Abby loves church. Actually, what she really loves is Sunday school and playing in the nursery - along with seeing all of her buddies. She rarely ever makes it to the sanctuary. I've struggled with this, but at this point she has such a difficult time sitting still and understanding that there are moments when we need to be quiet. So, we go to Sunday school, where she can dance and sing songs, and then she goes to the nursery while I go to worship.

Today though it was my day in the nursery. Yesterday I told Abby that we would both be in there this morning, and all evening she kept checking with me, "Mama, church?" and I would assure her that yes, we would be going to church tomorrow. Sunday school is so obviously one of her weekly highlights. I had to laugh, because last night when she woke up at about one in the morning, I went to comfort her and she snuggled in and keeping her eyes closed softly whispered, "Church." Even half asleep she was thinking about it.

Abby's ready for church. She picked the socks
(which are actually mine), and I picked my
battles. Everyone actually loved them!
So this morning we got up and got ready. The only problem was in I had 9:30 in my head for some reason, when we got to church I finally remembered that it really starts at 9 a.m. The good thing was that Abby didn't mind. She got to see her friends, play with some babies, and even sing in the microphone, treating everyone there to her rendition of "Jesus Loves Me" and "Princess Belle's Song". There was even the bonus of making a new friend in the nursery today. Abby and Eli played well together. We fed some babies, had a marching band, built towers, had a monster truck show, rode the play horses (with cowboy hats), put the babies to bed and gave them baths, and even colored some pictures. There were lots of laughs and plenty of sharing going on. Throughout the day every once and a while Abby would ask me, "Where'd Eli go?" I love that she kept thinking about him.

What I love the most though is that Abby enjoys going to church so much. Some might say that she isn't really going to church, that all she does is go to play, it's not like she is sitting in the pew and getting anything out of it - but I beg to differ. Abby knows that church is a place where people not only accept her, but they love her. It is a place were friends go to sing songs and dance about Jesus. It is a place where we can make new friends and where people smile and say, "Good Morning". It is a place of joy that she looks forward to with anticipation, and you know what? I think Jesus would be very pleased indeed with Abby's church.
Abby putting the baby to sleep.

Abby sang "Crinkle, Crinkle, Yittle Star" to get her to sleep.

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