Friday, August 31, 2012

The Patience Pill

This morning I needed a patience pill. (Although Jason would argue that even if there were I wouldn't take it. I have this weird "thing" about taking medicine - I don't like to do it.) This morning though, I really needed something. I have to admit, now that Jason is home, and that worry has lessened, the stuff that I've put on hold for the last few days came crashing down. I had to think about school, the class I'm taking, along with some other deadlines that I left to the last minute, so when Abby wanted one more snack, needed help changing the channel, and insisted I get her a "bigger drum", I didn't hold on to my patience.

I hate it when I do that.

It was quickly decided that Abby would have a better day if she went to child care for a bit. After some convincing she was excited to go, and off we went. The whole way there she wanted to make sure that she would be able to play "in Miss Corey's room" - it seems she has decided that the new woman they hired at child care is there just to play with her.

She did put the breaks on once we got in the building, but soon enough she was off to play with "her kids", and I knew that she would be alright - even better, she would have a happy day.

When I got back to school to get her (after getting some things done and taking the time for some much needed rest), she came barreling out of the room in her bare feet and took a running leap into my arms with a joyful yell of, "Mama!" It doesn't get much better than that. I love the fact that even though I was so cranky and short with her in the morning, according to her, all was forgiven by the afternoon. Abby doesn't hold a grudge.

It seems that with that wonderful greeting I'd found my patience, because I really didn't mind that we all spent about 15 minutes trying to find her shoes. The whole time we were looking Abby wasn't concerned a bit, she was too busy "cutting" the pretend food that she'd been playing with. Every time I asked her where her shoes were she would simply tell me, "Not now," and continue playing. Finally a sharp Miss Lynn found them in that bathroom, where Abby had left them earlier in the day.

I'm happy to say that the evening was much better than the morning. Sure she had a time-out, but I didn't lose my cool, and all was much better afterwards. We ended the day by snuggling and watching one of her favorite programs. I fully anticipate tomorrow being a better day, even without the patience pill.

Today was another day of no pictures, so I pulled out
one of my favorites! What a sweetie!