Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Counting My Blessings

Today is a day when I need to count my blessings. It was a rough day around the house and so I'm going to focus on the positive.

  1. The car is alright - After getting Abby excited about a day at child care, where she would get to go on a field trip to the park and eat ice cream, we slathered on the sunscreen, packed up a lunch and extra clothes, and climbed in the car. We were both thrilled....until I hit the ignition button and nothing happened. Literally nothing - no engine sounds, no radio, no fan, no clock, no.... nothing. The car was dead. As Abby started complaining in the back, I looked and realized that I'd left the lights on and the battery was dead. It was a harrowing few hours that included hooking the car up to the mower (so we could at least get it in neutral and Jason could push it out of the garage), then hooking it up to Jason's car (which started things smoking), and then back to the mower so we were finally were able to drive it to a garage. At this point the windows weren't working and the engine sounded really wrong - we were worried that somehow the electrical system had gone kaput. Luckily, like a kid who miraculously feels better once they get to the doctor's office, there were no problems and all is as it should be once again. We were able to pick the car up and the whole way home all Abby talked about was how nice it was to have our car back and that it was, "all better now."
  2. Abby and I survived our fall (virtually) unscathed - The whole time we (meaning Jason) was fiddling with the car Abby wanted to go swimming. There were a couple of problems with that. One, there is no water in the pool because we drained it in order to give it a good cleaning. The cleaning had not yet happened, so it was dirty and empty. Secondly, I had the sneaking suspicion that we would be heading to the mechanics with the cars, so I didn't want her wet when we went for that ride. So, I promised her that when we got home I would clean the pool as she played in the sprinkler. Everything went fine, she even helped me get the hose to the back of the house so I could set up the sprinkler...then she saw the empty pool and lost it. She was so heartbroken that there was no water in the pool, that she didn't want to listen to reason or have anything to do with consoling from Mom. Finally, I just picked her up and started walking towards the house thinking of scrapping the whole thing. Now, if you have ever seen our yard you will know that it's pretty big (our house is actually on three lots). In that vast expanse of lawn I was able to find the one large hole we have - and step right in it. With a twist of my ankle we both went down, and Abby howled even louder (I certainly don't blame her). As I was sitting on the grass, checking her over to make sure she was okay, I heard a knock on the window behind me. Jason (who at this point was already a tiny bit irritated with me anyway about the whole "leaving the lights on" thing), waved us in the house - telling us just to come inside. That's when I had to yell to him that I'd fallen and (say it with me) I couldn't get up. He came out to our rescue and grabbed a weeping Abby off my lap so I could stand. I'm happy to say that we are both a-okay. Sure my ankle hurts a bit, and I'm almost positive that I wrenched my knee in that fall, but it isn't unbearable. After an ice cream cone Abby was able to get her composure back and have a good day.
  3. I got my homework done - You know, I feel bad for Abby. Not only is she an only child, so that means nine out of ten times she only has Mom to play with, but Mom also often has work to do. Such was the case today. I had several assignments that were due today - this was why I was going to take her in to child care in the first place - so she could actually have a good time. That didn't work out, so she was stuck at home with me. So, in between the food serving, the costume changing, the living room dancing, and the couch cuddling, I was able to read my assigned readings and respond to questions. This is a not only a blessing, but a minor miracle.
  4. Abby is now sleeping soundly - After having "one of those days" we are all a bit tuckered out. As I was finishing up yet another assignment, Abby started to get whiney and fickle, as she often does when she's tired. Luckily, Jason swept in and commandeered her to help him make a pan of brownies. She was good with that, since she loves cooking. So, as her foot tapped to Billy Joel's "Extremes" she stirred those brownies like nobody's business. We had a bit of a problem when the time came to put them in the pan, but with the addition of another bowl and a bit of extra flour she was able to resume her stirring duties. Before long the music got the better of her and she commanded Dada to dance with her "in the kitchen", and so they started swaying....and then she ended up in his arms.....and then she put her head on his shoulder....and then he walked with her upstairs....and then he came downstairs alone - with a bit of brownie drool on his t-shirt. She was out like a light.
There you have it, my attempt to find the sliver lining in our trying day. For now I'm going to go put my feet up, enjoy some mind-numbing TV, and be happy that not every day is this rough.

As you can imagine I didn't give a thought to getting out
the camera today, so I had to go to the "archives" for this
one. Here we have Abby leading a mealtime prayer for Rapunzel,
Mulan, and Merida. They are all listening so intently, aren't they?

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