Saturday, June 16, 2012

My Marble

Imagine, if you will, a pile of marbles - lovely, shiny, round marbles. Now, picture those marbles being dropped to a wooden floor where they scatter and roll in every direction. Do you go after the one by your foot, or the one that is headed under the couch, first? I bet you're feeling flustered, a bit frantic, and a mite frustrated. Welcome to my shopping trip with Abby.

I knew today would come, just as I knew the day would come when she no longer fit in the front seat of the grocery cart. Today, she decided that even the back of the basket was not a good fit - therefore she had her first "unrestrained" shopping outing. I guess I should be thankful that she lasted this long - I mean, how many seven year olds still ride in the cart, but I wasn't ready.

We needed to go to the store to finish up  a few Father's Day things, and she did pretty well, until we hit the card section. Really I can't blame her though. I hated standing around while my mom read nearly every card in the display, looking for the perfect one. Round about the third time she wanted to climb up into the cart and out again, I grabbed the nearest card that looked pretty good and we moved on (sorry Papa).

Next we needed a frame, which happened to be right across the aisle from a great big door mirror. This was wonderful while I hemmed and hawed over which frame would be just right, but when I was ready to move on, Abby was not. She was mid-groove and she didn't want to stop. So thinking that she might come if I moved on, I slipped out of sight and waited. Well, she did notice I was gone, but she went running off in the opposite direction to find me. So, leaving my cart (with my purse) I went after my "marble" and chased her down. She was a little ticked at this point and so she pulled a "wet-noodle" on me and went down like a sack of potatoes. With a promise to head down the doll aisle if she was good we got moving again. This time to the photo section. It was after our order was placed that I realized now was the time to make a run for the Barbie district.

Once she had her treasure she was much better, but she was a little distracted. I had to make sure to keep one eye on her and one on where I was pushing the cart because there were numerous times that she nearly plowed into a display because she was too busy looking at the doll she'd gotten. I'm sure I sounded like a broken record - "Abby, come on. This way Abby. Abby...Abby...Abigail...over here. Stay with Mama, Abby." and on it went. I think that everyone in that store knew her name by the time we left.

I got a couple of other items, not everything we needed, but enough for today, and we were out of there - or at least heading in that direction. We got to the check-out and after sidling up to the worker who was in charge of the self-scan stations while I took care of most of our purchases, she finally scanned her doll and we were able to leave.

I suppose in the scheme of things it didn't go that badly, but I think we will let Jason continue doing the grocery shopping for a bit longer.
We had a long car trip out to a graduation party today.
On the ride home Abby did all she could to entertain herself -
she even pretended to sleep for a second or two.

She took all the things out of her bag,
and decided that the bag was more fun to play with.

Her reward for good behavior in the car? An evening dip
in the pool.
She discovered splashing!

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