Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A Rundown of the Day

He just wouldn't budge!
Today was a wonderful day - with Abby at her finest. She began the day in a snuggly mood (always a bonus), and that must have worked up an appetite because she polished off a bowl of Cheerios, a container of yogurt, and a cup of peaches - in rapid succession. It was a good thing that she did get that much nourishment, because from there she played a princess and a pirate, a pirate who worked very hard to get The Dread Pirate Bruiser to walk the plank - to no avail.

Once Mom was done with homework, we treated ourselves to a trip out to the fabric store. This was especially fun for several reasons. First, we ran into a good friend, and Abby being Abby immediately saw a chance for a snuggle. Janet couldn't resist the outstretched arms (who could?) and Abby wrapped herself around her as we talked. There was a moment when I wondered if she'd fallen asleep, but when I asked I heard a soft, "No" from my limp kid. She was simply enjoying her time swaying in the arms of someone who cared about her. Soon we were heading over to the cutting counter, where the nice young man started up a conversation about his brother, who happened to have been in a car accident and though he was 26, had the mentality of a 12 year old. I loved hearing about how he was "the best brother in the world". Words I needed to hear after the last few days of online reading.  The goodness didn't stop there though, because when we got to the check out the wonderful woman behind the counter told me several times how, "really beautiful" Abby is. We both left with a smile on our faces.

Desert magnets - perfect!
When we got home, Abby dug in to her painting project, and I into my sewing. She was a trooper while I was distracted, and when Dad got home she was all smiles. They had fun making a pizza together (which Abby didn't really eat, once it was finished) and then it was off for fun while Mom went out.

I got home to find those two laughing uproariously to America's Funniest Home Videos. As I joined them I realized that Jason and I were laughing more at Abby's great big belly laughs than at what was actually happening on the screen. With every, "Ooohhh!" and "Watch out!" she blurted out our laughing became louder. Finally, we totally lost it when she clamored down, stood in front of the T.V. and said, "Hey Guys! Watch me!" after which she made juggling motions and fell dramatically to the ground. She wanted our attention on her, and she got it.

Soon it was off to bed and our super day ended as it had began - with snuggles. Yep, today was a wonderful day - with Abby at her finest.

Honestly - the kid's fierce!

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