Monday, June 25, 2012

The Hulk

Abby spent the bulk of her day playing with friends at child care. She was a bit reluctant to go, but once I told her I would pick her up some breakfast on the way, she was semi-okay with it all. The only problem was that she wanted me to get her pizza for breakfast. When that was a no-go she tried to posture for some nuggets....and when Mom shot that one down too, she moved on to wanting a hot dog. Finally, not giving her a voice in the choice any more I picked her up a donut and that was that. She still was going on and on about pizza as we drove to school, and so I had to "instruct" her that there are some things that are breakfast foods and somethings that aren't. As soon as the words were out of my mouth I heard a little voice in my head ask: Why? Jason will often eat last night's leftovers for breakfast (mainly because most "breakfast foods" don't appeal to him), where is it written that some foods are okay for breakfast and others are not? Luckily Abby didn't question my ridiculous comment and once we got to school, and she saw some familiar faces, she was more than happy to sit down with her donut and eat her breakfast.

We both went about our days separately until I came back to school to get her. One of the things I love the best is "spying"on her before she knows I'm there. As I peeked through the small window in the orange door of the room she was in I had a rather startling sight. I saw her right away, but I had to laugh because there was my darling little princess dressed in an Incredible Hulk costume - complete with bulging muscles and tattered pants. The costume fit her perfectly and it was hilarious. The best part was that she was walking around and playing with the other kids like it was no big deal, that of course she would be wearing an Incredible Hulk outfit!

As Miss Lynn gathered her things she asked me if I just wanted to take the costume home and bring it back another day. It was then that I noticed that Miss Lynn had all of Abby's clothes in her hands. I could just imagine how Abby had stripped down to her underwear in order to put that costume on. I also noticed that the zipper on the costume was broken, and Abby's bare back was there for all to see, but I know that didn't bother her one bit. Abby came running up to me, struck a pose, and told me she was a superhero. Once again I was reminded how great my kid is. I couldn't wait to get her out to the car so I could get my phone and take a picture - which is what I did once I had "The Hulk" all settled in with her seatbelt buckled.

She wore that costume all afternoon and evening, and when she came running up to Jason when he got home we both let out a laugh. She did a bit of showing off her muscles and then it was back to playing with the Play-Doh (the bright green Play-Doh she had requested, to match her muscles.)

Tonight I will leave you with the images that made me smile today: Little Miss Incredible Hulk.

Showing off her muscles!

Even the Hulk needs a little down time to eat some string cheese
and watch some TV.

"Huh? What's that you say? There's someone in trouble?"


  1. How funny! I wonder how she got the idea to wear it. Was it out or something?

    I like spying on my kids a little too. It's really fun to see them playing with their friends.

    1. It was pretty funny! I think one of the other kids pulled it out of the dress-up area for her, but I wouldn't put it past her to pick it out herself. She's so funny that way.

      Isn't it great to watch your kids when they don't know you are there? You learn so much! ;-)