Friday, June 8, 2012

Summer Here We Come

Ahhh, summer vacation - it is official - with the close of tonight's graduation service we are now on break until fall. Abby's summer vacation began yesterday, so this morning she came to school with me and hung out at child care while I finished up my year with my students. She was so thrilled to be able to come to "mama's school".

As we went and picked her up a donut for breakfast she talked nonstop in the back of the car. I had to smile because I had missed this so much. I'd forgotten how great it is to spend my mornings driving with Abby to school. When we pulled into the school she let out a loud Woop! and yelled, "Were here! Mama's school!" After this she wanted to make sure that she would have an unfettered chance to play, so she told me, "Mama, you go teach and I go play outside." I assured her that I would not get in the way of her fun.

She got out of the car and marched happily into the school, stopping only to show "Uncle Clint" (one of my fellow teachers) her sprinkle coated treasure at the bottom of the bag she was carrying. As I watched her walk into the building I had to laugh, it was like the whole year of not being there had never happened, but with several important differences that I would see soon. She stopped to give the principal a big hug and proceeded down the hallway, throwing out happy "Good morning"'s to everyone she passed. She breezed by one of the child care workers and plopped down at one of the tables and began her breakfast. With a quick kiss I was off, and Abby was happy. How far we had come. In the previous year there were times when Abby needed to be peeled off of me in order for me to go to my classroom. There were also times when as soon as Abby got in that child care room the door need to be shut, least she escape and run to another part of the building. She had grown so much this year and seeing her at school today helped me see just how much.

There was a time that when she was waiting in the hall with her class I would need to duck quickly into one of the classrooms or behind a door so she wouldn't see me, otherwise it would become another struggle to get her back where she needed to be. So, as I was walking down to the gym today, with my class following behind me, I grew a little nervous as I looked over and saw Abby standing in a line waiting to go outside. Abby soon saw me and her face lit up. She ran to me and gave me a big hug and a wonderful greeting, then ran back to get in line, happy as a clam to have seen mom, and to be heading out to play. I was so proud of her.

Soon enough school was over and we were taking off, stopping to chat with a few people she hadn't seen in a bit. What a wonderful way to start my summer vacation - with a fine example of how much my little girl has grown and matured.

Because I had graduation tonight, and Jason wasn't home
yet, Abby would have a fun night at Nana and Papa's for
a sleepover. I had to laugh because she looked so exhausted
and we hadn't even gotten there yet. I warned Papa of this
and got a text later that she' d gotten her second wind.

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