Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Happy Birthday, Papa!

Abby loves birthdays. Of course she loves her birthday most of all, but in a pinch it doesn't matter. All of the trappings of a birthday celebration are wonderful for her - the presents, the cake, the candles, and the singing. Today was a great day for several reasons, but most of all because it was Papa's birthday.

Since we didn't see the family on Father's Day we decided that we would head out to see Papa today and have a Father's Day/Birthday celebration. Abby had been practicing her, "Happy Birthday, Papa!" all day, and so when we finally got there she was primed and ready to go. She burst in the house, carrying Papa's gift, and went right to the birthday boy to give a hug, a kiss, and a birthday greeting. She couldn't even wait for the cake, and so after "hellos" all around she launched into a beautifully sweet rendition of the "Happy Birthday" song.
The looks on their faces says it all.

Soon enough she was asking for cake, but luckily we were able to put her off until after dinner. Following that there was no more putting her off. She sat at the counter drooling over that yummy cake as Nana rustled up some candles - then it was show time. Papa was kind enough to let Abby blow out the candles, and Nana was nice enough to cut a frosting covered piece just for her.

Before long it was time to head out, and as we pulled away from the house I couldn't help but think about what a nice evening it had been. Maybe Abby is on to something with her love of birthday celebrations. Maybe every family gathering should have cake, candles, and singing.

This morning at school Abby decided to help out in the office.
Looks like a natural, doesn't she?

Gearing up for the big blow-out!

Papa helped Abby wash up after the cake, so
Abby decided to return the favor. She gave
his arm a good scrub and then told him he
needed to go take a shower. Such a sassy girl!

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