Saturday, June 23, 2012


Today was a bit of a "ho-hum" kind of a day, where nothing really spectacular (or vexing) happened. We just meandered through our day, doing bits and pieces of what needed to get done, but didn't really have any plans or goals. We knew we needed to stay home - none of us were feeling that great. Abby is fighting a cold, Jason is about over this heat (and how it makes him feel), and I'm just tired.

Mom and Dad each took turns doing homework and taking naps, while Abby romped around in her skivvies having fun playing with whoever was around. I did do a bit of cleaning today, but round about the second time I had scraps of paper to take care of - I gave up.

See, Abby has taken to cutting paper lately. She loves it! She will first draw something on a piece of paper and then she grabs her scissors and gets going. I don't really mind this for several reasons. First, it is great practice for her. Managing scissors has always been a bit difficult for her, (it isn't easy getting those things to work right in your hand - especially if you are still trying to decide which hand you prefer). Secondly, it keeps her busy. This sounds horrible, but I have to get the dishes done at some point, and handing off the crayons and scissors keeps her occupied long enough to let me clean up a bit. Finally, she really likes doing it, and ultimately it isn't hurting anyone. I have made sure to drive home the point with her that we only cut paper. I'm secretly waiting for the day when she comes to me with shorn hair, but so far we've been fortunate on that one.

The only real problem with this new pastime is that she leaves little piles of papers everywhere. It has become typical for me to come across various mounds left behind after she has been busy. Usually, I make a game of picking it up with her. (Although there have been time when she impudently tells me that it is "Mama's turn to clean up" when I tell her I need her help. That stinker!) After a bit of convincing (my line is usually: "I didn't make the mess, I shouldn't have to clean it up.") we grab a grocery bag and go at all the little pieces with gusto. She does enjoy this part as well - most days - but on this "ho-hum" day she wasn't up for it, and I wasn't up for arguing, so armed with a my own bag I set to gathering.

Overall, it was a good day - a good low-key day. You know though, you need those days every now and again. So I will finish my post by leaving you with a short video clip I took the other day (when things weren't so "ho-hum"). Abby and I were having some fun and I was able to get us trading jokes. If this doesn't make you smile - I don't know what will.

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