Saturday, June 30, 2012

A Wedding

This afternoon we had the honor of attending the wedding of a good friend's daughter (who also happens to be a former student of mine). It was a beautiful service, and as I watched George walk his lovely daughter down the aisle I couldn't help but wonder if someday that would be Jason escorting Abby to her future husband.

When we first got the diagnosis of Down syndrome I couldn't see a future that included marriage for my child. This was just one of my misconceptions about people with Ds. Knowing Abby as I do, I can no longer discount this as an impossibility. I fully expect that there will come a day when Abby is ready to move out of our house, a day when Abby decides to got off to college, and yes, a day when she just might come to us to tell us she's engaged.

Whenever I've brought this up to Jason, his reaction is always the same, "No way!" I have to laugh at this "typical" father's response. No father can imagine that anyone is good enough for their little girl and with Jason that feeling is especially keen.

If Abby has taught me anything, it has been not to put limits on her, so there may just come a day when we go shopping for wedding dresses, and look for just the right flowers and cake - what a day that would be!

Whatever the future holds I know it will be bright and beautiful - and that we'll all be ready for it when it comes!

One of my all time favorite pictures of my two favorite people.


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