Monday, June 4, 2012

It's What Time?!?

It is certainly gearing up for a busy week. Not that I didn't see it coming, but I feel like the runner's pistol has been dispatched and we are off on a race to Friday. Let me explain what's going on. First, as I mentioned in an earlier post, Jason is out of town all week as he begins his doctoral studies, therefore I'm "single parenting" it until he gets back. It is also the last week of school, therefore the grading and grade entering crunch has begun. It is also the end of the 50th academic year of our school, so this weekend is full of activities to celebrate that.  Not only is it my last week of school, but it is Abby's last week as well, and so I've also got teacher gifts to get ready and finish purchasing. On top of all that, today was the first day of classes for the three (yes, I said three) grad classes that I will be taking for the next eight weeks. Yep, you could say that this is going to be one crazy week around here.

Wanting to stay on top of my homework, I got home from school this afternoon and hit the books right away. Soon enough Abby was home and it was the perfect time for a break. I asked how her field day went and she was able to tell me that she got to play outside. I'm sure she loved it, that kid could be perfectly content to spend her whole day in the sunshine. She was in a great mood, and we laughed as we got Bruiser howling. Soon though she found her brush and it was time for Mom to get a new "do". After a few strokes of the brush, she so kindly placed her hand over my eyes (nearly gouging them out) and I heard her making "shh, shh, shh" sounds. I realized that she was pretending to spray my hair with leave in conditioner, like we do with her when she gets those pesky snarls. That started another round of laughing.

Soon, though I decided that if I didn't want to be scalped it was time for Mom to move on. So, as I made her some dinner she stood in front of the mirror and brushed her own hair, all the while taking stock of her face. After naming all the parts of her face I made the comment that she had all the "goods" and her response? "Yes, and I like it!" Where does she get this stuff?

I love the concentration on her face. Look
at those pursed lips.
This lovely girl sat down to eat her dinner while I glued myself to my computer to get some school work done. I kept working and was periodically interrupted to find a fancy dress, get some sparkly shoes, and turn on some peppy music. Finally though, the little angel plopped down across from me and requested some paper and crayons to do some drawing. She was working so wonderfully and I was in my grove, that before long I looked at the clock and saw it was nearly 8:30. What?!? With it staying light out so long, I totally lost track of time. Oops!

We hurried up to bed where she told me she was tired and just wanted to listen to "The Lullaby Song" (a.k.a. "Lullaby (Goodnight My Angel) by Billy Joel). Before long she was sleeping soundly. So, there are a few more things to finish up tonight before I can head off to dreamland myself, but day one was a success. Let's hope we can keep up the pace as the week goes on.

This morning, as we waited for the bus, Abby wanted
to jump rope. It was a great way to start field day!

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