Tuesday, June 26, 2012

A Letter

June 26, 1999

Dear 1999 Elizabeth,

Congratulations! You finally made it to the day of your wedding. I know, more than most, how stressful the last few weeks have been, but remember all that planning you (or should I say "Jason") did? It's about to pay off. Don't be nervous, the ceremony will be beautiful, hot, but beautiful. Everything will go just as planned, that is except for that pesky hanger string that somehow found its way out of the sleeve of your dress. You do end up going through the whole service with it hanging from your armpit, but no one really noticed - or at least they didn't say anything.

I have a few pieces of advice as you begin a new chapter of your life, but knowing you as I do you probably think I don't know what I'm talking about and are going to run out and do whatever you want anyway. Humor me.

First, enjoy the moment. My dear, you have a pesky habit of looking ahead to "the next thing" and missing what is happening in front of you. Believe me, everything will come when it is supposed to - and not a minute sooner. God's got it all planned out for you, this is one thing you don't have to worry about. So, round about years three and four, when all of your friends are having their babies, back off and leave poor Jason alone about starting a family. It won't be time yet. But when it is - does God have a surprise for you! It's a really, really good one, and well worth waiting for, so enjoy those childless years - and take lots of naps, lots and lots of naps.

Second, appreciate your differences. There will be times when both you and Jason look at each other and wonder how in the world you ended up together. You both are so very different in many ways. He isn't going to understand the importance of never using fabric scissors on paper - just accept it. Oh, and he really hates being late, so stop doing your nails right before you get in the car to go somewhere. The fact that you will no longer have to think about what bills are due when is a huge trade off. He will also take care of your car - just make sure you remember to tell him when the light comes on, alright? When those moments come when you both really get irritated (and they will) just remember that you balance each other out, and that you are very alike when it comes to what really matters. 

Finally, the sooner you learn to keep your cool, the happier you will be. Truth be told you have been known to blow things a bit out of proportion from time to time. That creative mind of yours has a way of running away from you, and sending you into panic mode. Sometimes it's as simple as knowing that when that grill grate goes through Jason's toe, he doesn't want a cold cloth for his forehead. Other times though it will be more important that you relax and take a few deep breaths before you think your world is crashing in around you. There will come a day when things seem bleak and and the future doesn't look as bright as it does today, but remember this, that "difficulty" will quickly become your greatest blessing. As the years go on that Blessing will multiply and make your life richer than you ever could have imagined. In other words - there is no panicking necessary.

So, enjoy your day. It is a celebration of the life that you have ahead of you - a wonderful life, with a wonderful man beside you. 

2012 Elizabeth

P.S. You might want to skip the Bed and Breakfast altogether on your honeymoon. The whole thing just got weird with the crazy innkeeper, and you end up sneaking out during the night anyway. Best to avoid the whole situation.

If you hadn't guessed today is our anniversary. Here we
are saying our vows in the Chapel of the Holy Trinity,
the campus chapel of the college where we met.

This is probably my favorite picture of the day (or at least
one of them). We didn't even know that the photographer
was taking our picture.

Jason's brother was the Best Man and my sister was the Matron of Honor -
just in case you couldn't tell, we both have just a slight resemblance to
our siblings.

This would be The Blessing to which I was referring.

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