Monday, May 14, 2012

20 Things I Love About Abby

I feel like I've been a bit hard on Abby of late in my posts. So, tonight I'm going to tell you 20 things about her that I love. These are in no particular order - just in how I've thought of them.

20 Things I Love About Abby

  1. her sweet little face when she's sleeping
  2. the tiny freckle on the inside of her ankle
  3. the way she wraps her arms around my neck and puts her face into my neck when she's upset
  4. how she "shakes her booty" and dances on her tiptoes when she hears music
  5. how she loves to wear dresses and skirts - the frillier the better
  6. when she says "All better now" because she is in my arms after being scared
  7. the way her eyes smile, before it reaches her mouth
  8. her giggle
  9. when she yells, "Mama!" and runs to me after school
  10. the smell of her hair
  11. how she prays for her teachers and classmates by name
  12. how she loves to sing "Happy Birthday!"
  13. the way she squints her eyes "kind of" closed when she's got a surprise coming
  14. how well she can play pretend
  15. how she puts her hands on my face and whispers, "Love you too, Mama"
  16. the way she puts her hand on her hip when she's talking on the phone
  17. how she makes "yummy" sounds when she's eating
  18. the fact that she always says, "'scuse me" when she burps
  19. the fact that no matter how her shoes are laid out she will almost certainly get them on the wrong feet
  20. how she still signs "I love you" when she is waving out the window
I'm sure I could go on and on about all the things I love about Abby - there are so many you know, but these are the ones that came to this mother's heart first. 

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