Friday, May 18, 2012

Be Careful What You Ask For

If you read last night's post you saw that I was excited because the weekend was near and I was going to be able to spend some time with my little darling. I guess today I learned to be careful what you ask for. Our wake-up call came at 5 a.m. this morning when Abby sat up in bed and got sick everywhere. I couldn't believe it - she'd just got to the point where she was feeling well, and not having any problems - now it was starting all over again?

I suppose the good thing is that we all knew the drill. I got Abby on the toilet, stripped the bed, put the sheets in the wash, and put clean ones on. Jason got dressed and headed out to the store to stock up on more supplies. While he was gone I hosed Abby down and then got her in the tub to soak. As she sat there, I cleaned the bathroom. While I scrubbed down the toilet I heard Abby say, "Thank you, Mama." When I asked her for what, she replied, "for cleaning my toilet." What a sweetheart! Here she is, sick as can be and she's thanking me for cleaning up after her - I love that kid.

Soon, she told me she had to go potty again and I put her on that clean toilet and covered her with a blanket. This time I was the one thanking her - for letting me know she had to go and not having an accident in the tub. Before I knew it she was letting out a yawn (a slightly fake yawn) and telling me she was tired. So we headed back to the clean bed and laid down to watch some T.V. While she was busy with that, I got my sub notes together and emailed them in.

Once I sent them off, I heard Jason come home loaded up with goodies. He'd even stopped to pick me up a coffee - he's such a smart man. And so, we began our day with Abby on the couch with some Gatorade and pretzels and me already exhausted.

She was a good girl throughout the day, but as she felt better she wanted to do more of her "normal" stuff, but going outside to play and taking a ride to get an ice cream cone were out of the question. I was able to put her off with, a lot of "maybe tomorrow's", but I can guarantee that tomorrow does not hold bacon, pizza, and ice cream for little Miss Abby. We will be taking it easy on her tummy. We only have 11 and a half more days of school to get through and I want both of us at every one of those.

I think it took her about four minutes to fall asleep tonight, and as I heard myself let out a loud wheeze I realized that I was right there with her - out like a light, until I woke myself up. Once I found the energy to move, I slowly snuck out of her room and looked back at her before I shut the door. The poor thing has just been through the wringer in the last few weeks and I really pray that she can get some rest this weekend and recover - in fact, that's what we all need - rest, relaxation, and a whole bottle of Lysol.

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