Friday, May 11, 2012

Anything Goes

Ahhh, Friday. That lovely day when the work week comes to an end, and a whole weekend lies ahead. Seeing as though it was a particularly trying week, I was really looking forward to seeing the end of it. I think that my feelings of relief (and weariness) led to our free and easy night. Let me explain by outlining some of the things that happened tonight - things that I would not let Abby do normally:

  • Dinner: Abby decided half way through her plate of dinner that she was done and ready for dessert - a popsicle. Mom took the half full plate and handed off a green popsicle.
  • Dancing: Abby wanted to wear her Christmas dress for dancing and then to cuddle with Bruiser - on the floor. Mom took a picture.
  • Bath time: Abby wanted to give her balloons a bath. Mom shampooed them right along with Abby.
  • After bath time: Abby didn't want to settle down for bed, she wanted to watch Winnie the Pooh on the computer and have a bowl Cheerios for a snack. Mom hit play and placed the bowl in front of her.
  • The after snack - snack: Abby decided that Cheerios weren't enough, so she asked for some pretzels and milk in a "baby bottle". Mom filled a baggie and convinced Abby that a straw and cup were a perfectly good baby bottle.
  • Super late (for Abby) bedtime: After cuddling for a while on the couch (and sharing pretzels with Mom) Abby asked to watch the iPad for a bit while laying in bed. Despite the fact that it was after nine o'clock Mom enlisted the help of the magic blanket and got some Mighty B! going on the iPad.
  • Final requests: Abby put in some requests for tomorrows activities - bacon for breakfast, watching Mighty B! police episode, and playing her drums outside. Mom agreed to all of those and watched her tired little angel fall asleep without a peep.
Maybe I should be a bit more loosey-goosey more often, because frankly, it was a pretty great night!

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  1. I tend to do the same thing on Fridays! Keeping everyone on a schedule the rest of the week is a lot of work for us moms so by Friday I like to let them just fall asleep where they land and since they are still small enough to carry off to bed. It is nice to have them all fall asleep without 1 complaint! We also didn't eat until 7:30 last night and usually it is a pretty strict 6pm! Until next Friday.....