Friday, May 25, 2012

Waiting For the Bus

Due to the fact that I need to be at school by 7:30 each morning, and Abby's bus picks her up about twenty minutes after that, Jason has been the one who is responsible for getting her on the bus throughout the year. On the days when he needs to make a quick dash to school the two of them wait in his car, with Abby ensconced in the back like a princess, listening to songs like Quando, Quando, Quando by Michael BublĂ© and Circle Dance by Bonnie Raitt, while she watches herself dance in the pull-down mirror. On other days, Abby gets to dawdle while Dada keeps an eagle eye out for the bus. Then, as the bus pulls up, a mad dash ensues - usually ending with a grab-and-go by Jason as he carries her to her ride.

There have been days when Jason will have early morning meetings which means I need to stay home for a few more minutes and try my hand at getting her on the big yellow beast. Envisioning myself opening every door of the car trying to get her out as the bus waits for us, has kept me from going that route while we wait. Usually, we get ready early and then head out to dance in the driveway. For a while our favorite was The Hokie Pokie, but that has been overshadowed lately, by a song that was around far before either of us was - The Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy, or as Abby calls it, "The Buzzy Bee Song."

Today, in honor of the holiday weekend, I didn't have school...but Abby did - a rare happening indeed. She only had a half day, but since I was home, I was once again in charge when it came to waiting for the bus. She was a gem and we were ready in plenty of time, but she didn't want to head outside to wait, so I grabbed my phone and told her she could bring her big mirror to watch herself dance. With this new idea she couldn't get out there fast enough. She requested the "buzzy bee song", and danced her heart out, giving those who drove by our house a fun sight to start their day.

Before long the bus pulled up, but Abby didn't want to stop dancing, or let go of her mirror. When I told her we needed to go, she let out a loud, "NO!" and grabbed her mirror and made a run for it - in the opposite direction of the bus. Luckily she had to come to a stop when she got to the garage door, but I had to figure out a way to get her to the bus - that was still waiting. I can only imagine what the kids on the bus were thinking as they watched Abby and her goofy mom dance up the driveway, while Abby kept a tight grip on that mirror. (At this point I should let you know that this mirror is not of the glass variety. It is a flexible acrylic and came with one of the developmental toys we got her when she was a baby, and even though she has long outgrown that tent/mat it came on, she has not outgrown the mirror - I suspect she never will.)

We reached the bus and as I tried to wrestle the mirror from her, she dropped to the ground. I got her up, and got the mirror away from her, with the help of Miss Cathy, the bus driver. We both convinced her to that it would be fun to dance to her seat, and I watched the two of them shuffle off to the back of the bus. After she was buckled in I waved her off and I headed back into the house (with the mirror) and gleefully climbed back into bed (without the mirror).

For me it was a morning of napping and soon Abby was home. She was in a great mood and even let me get some sewing done. Before long, Jason was home and dinner was done. After snuggling with Dada for a bit, she wanted Mom. I gladly climbed into bed with her only to have her tell me, "Okay Mom, let's do this," referring to getting her to sleep. With a laugh, we snuggled in and lickety- split she was out. A great start to a long weekend, if I do say so myself.

Abby trying out her big finish - Jazz Hands!

My afternoon sewing project, as modeled by Abby.
She was way too cute!

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